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I t i I t ' I I I I ' ' ' ' I « 1 I » « I I ' ' V 


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IN compliance with the wishes of buyers of GF 
Allsteel, we have decided to eliminate the 
gold bron2;e striping which we have been using 
on olive green cases. 

The office-equipment-buying^public, through our 
many sales units, have long been urging this policy 
and we are pleased to state now that we have 
adopted it, thereby going one step ferther in 
making GF Allsteel suitable in every way to the 
buyer's requirements and wishes. 

Therefore, from date, regardless of how illustrations 
in this and other catalogs, booklets and pamphlets 
may show them, all olive green sections will be 
furnished without striping. 

There is no doubt but that this change greatly 
increases the richness and dignity of the line. With 
no striping to rub oj9F, cases will have a uniform 
appearance throughout the long term of years in 
which they will render service. 

Where striped cases are wanted for use in an 
installation of striped cases, we will furnish them 
without extra charge. But shipment from the 
fectory will be necessary and striping must be 
specifically mentioned on the order, otherwise 
plain cases will be furnished. 



June i6, 1916 

Pre sentin^ the Argument 
for ^^0^^ equipment; some 
suggestions on the Fitness - 
for -Purpose Basis of bu37in^ 
and presenting Ihe heautiful 
^00^ Line itself, insofar 
as type and pictures can 
convey it to the mind. 


The General Fireproofing Company 



CiipyriKliti'd, I'Jlf), liy The (Jeniiral Firfi|«roofiii); Company, Youngslown, Ohio 

>^^^^— The Line that "Fits Right 
In'' with Modern Business 

rAKE the title of this book to pieces — and 
thus understand better, on the start, what 
the book is about. 
In the analysis of the elements that make 
up this book, keep in mind the one fact 
that we are desirous of impressing on the 
reader's mind and which we have endeav- 
ored to make the predominant thought throughout this 
treatise: — Allsteel Adaptability and Service, 

Four elements are here 



Two you won't find in the dictionary. Two you will 

GF is the emblem or the trade-mark of this company, 
The General Fireproofing Company, of Youngstown, Ohio, 
adopted and used by us to stamp our products and our mes- 
sages to the public as having our authority and backing. 

Allsteel is the generic trade name given by us to our line. 

Housing The other two words, have been chosen by us as the 
and best words to use because we desire this catalog to 

Records be of constantly growing assistance to prospective 
purchasers of equipment in choosing — each for his 
own requirements — the "housing" for his records that will 
exactly fit the need — equipment that will be entirely adequate. 

The Allsteel Line is complete. Any man or concern will 
find in the broad scope of this line exa:tly the equipment that 
should be purchased. 

page 3 

MoTasing o£ Recoi^cis 

Housing (houzing), n. Act 
of putting or receiving under 
shelter built for the purpose 

>^^^^— The Housing Par Excellence 

TO begin with, convince yourself 
that your records should be 
"AUsteeled" against possible 
loss; properly "housed" for real pro- 
tection and reference — rather than 
inadequately disposed of in makeshift 
or out-of-date filing devices. 

maximum ease of operation, Allsteel 
makes the strongest appeal to the ap- 
preciation of dignity, simplicity and 
beauty. There is an air of refinement 
and business-like elegance about 
Allsteel that makes its presence an 
improvement to any office. 

Depreciation becomes a mere 
bookkeeping theory 

f^^^ office furni- 
ture provides maximum 
ease of operation and 
a strong appeal to the 
appreciation of beaufy, 
simplicity and dignity 

The Allsteel Line fits 
right in with modern busi- 
ness. It is a ''housing" 
that meets twentieth cen- 
tury requirements. All- 
steel is durable — will 
last through years and 
generations and, in fact, 
is indestructible. 

Neither wear nor weather, climate nor 
heating systems can affect it. 

With Allsteel equipment repair bills 
disappear and depreciation becomes a 
mere bookkeeping theory. 
Allsteel is safe, cannot burn, rats or 
mice cannot gnaw nor vermin pene- 
trate it. Allsteel cases are remarkably 
dust-proof — all sections having closed 
tops and bottoms. While providing 

In this day, when office 
rentals are worked out on 
a "square inch" basis, it 
is vitally necessary to 
make efficient use of every 
particle of floor space. 

Allsteel Filing Devices 
are space savers. 

We are convinced that our 
attainment of the highest success in our 
chosen field demands that we give more 
and more thought and effort to the 
housing of records. ' ' We have never 
yet — nor do we expect ever to do so- 
made a device in our Allsteel Line 
without having in mind a definite and 
useful purpose 
to which it can 
be put. 


page 4 

Hoxj-sing o£ Records 


Rec'ords (rek ords), n. 
duction to writing as evi- 
dence; known facts in the] 
course^of anythii 

Your Records — What Are They Worth to You? 


F your every record were wiped 
out this moment, what would be 
the loss? 

Records are the "annals" of your 
business. More — they are the very 
"life-blood" of it. They actually 
chronicle the minutes, the hours, the 
days, the months and the years of 
your business life. 

Around every office there is too little 
respect for important papers and the 
investment of money they represent. 

Safeguard the "Vital Statistics" 
of Your Business 

After the office people are gone, go 
from desk to desk. Here's a letter, 
here's a report, here's an estimate- 
sheet representing days of 
work of a high-priced man. 
"That record ought to be 
in the safe," you say. 
You're right! 

The costly day-by-day 
thinking and working of 
able-brained men and 
women is non-insurable, 
and no amount of money 

will replace these facts and figures 
if destroyed. 

"A place for everything and every- 
thing in its place" — especially when 
that place is a purposely constructed 
and thoroughly adequate "Allsteel" 
housing — will go far towards giving 
you an easy mind. 

Your Own Records Should Be Your Guide 

in Purchasing Appropriate Allsteel 

Filing Equipment 

Indiscriminate buying of steel office 
filing equipment is almost, but not 
quite, as bad as going without the pro- 
tection of steel files altogether. 

First ascertain what and how much 
you have to file — then it's easy to 
arrange to "house" your 
records modernly "the 
Allsteel Way." 

Every unit in the Allsteel 
Line of office furniture and 
equipment has been 
evolved to satisfy an actual 
business demand and is 
hence practical and useful 
— not merely theoretical. 

A place for 


page 5 

Gf Filing Supplies 

IN order to properly "house" records, these records must be studied both 
as regards the physical forms, sizes and quantities to be filed — the degree 
of immediacy with which they should be available — the best "system" or 
method of filing — the general character of the records themselves, and the 
"filing supplies" by means of which they are classified and indexed. 

It is not wise to buy filing equipment — steel, wood or any 
other kind^ without taking due thought, asking and answer- 
ing certain questions, consulting with your chief clerk and 
any others who can shed light on the subject as to what you 
have that requires filing, how much of each kind, etc., etc. 

These, and similar facts and data can be readily ascertained. 
Find these facts. Put them down on paper. They will 
furnish you with a basis as to the quantity of records for 
which you have to provide filing space. 

These "records" that you rightly attach such value to are 
further reducible to a certain very 
few sizes of card-board or paper. 

Turn to pages 8 and 9 and you will 
find a diagram showing actual sizes 
of the principal records that require 
to be filed in most offices. 

Make note of these sizes. Ascer- 
tain which sized papers you use or 
could use advantageously in your 

Card Index Guides 

We confidently commend 
to your notice the GF Line 
of Filing Supplies and 
the special catalog we pub- 
lish — and which we will 
be glad to furnish you 
with — and in order to 
give you some ideas as to 
the scope of the line, we 
are showing a few illus- 
trations of some of the 
special features included 
in it* 

Card Index Guides 

Monthly Guides 

Vertical Filing and What It Is. 

Vertical Filing means filing on edge, 
in a filing cabinet drawer especially 
constructed for the purpose. Letters, 
bills, orders and other thin papers are 
fded in folders with the latest date in 
front. Then, when you look for a let- 
ter, you refer to all the sheets just as 
you would turn the leaves of a book. 
The vertical filing system is universally 
recognized as the one best method. 

There are a number of ways of index- 
ing the vertical file. Alphabetical 
indexing is most common. Some instances, though, adapt 
themselves to geographical, numerical or subject filing. 

Alphabetic Guides, Perhaps the simplest form of indexing 
a vertical file is by alphabetic guides. Each guide bears an 
alphabetic sub-division and correspondence is filed behind 
these guides in alphabetic sequence, either according to name 
or by subjects. 

In addition to forming the entire index for files in some cases, 
alphabetic indexes are also used for other purposes, in small 
files, transfer files, follow-up systems, etc. 

The next 
thing to con- 
sider is the 
best** system" 
to be used in 
filing these 
various rec- 

It is not worth your 
while to experiment 
with new or faddish 
systems. Select tried-and- 
found-worthy methods suit- 
able to your requirements. 

Out Guides 

page 6 

<^i^^^^e^ Ho\xsing o£ Records 


Numeric Guides. 

Numeric filing, 
though used only 
to a limited de- 
gree, has the ad- 
vantage of providing unlimited 
expansibility. The system con- 
sists of guides, numbered by lO's 
from 1 up. Behind these guides 
numbered folders are filed con- 

Reference is made by a card index system of 
which the cards are numbered consecutively 
from 1 up and filed alphabetically behind 
guides printed with alphabetic name or subject headings. 

Geographic Filing. Filing correspondence according to location, or geographically, has its 
advantages. It is particularly adaptable to sales work where agents and salesmen's territories 
must be kept separate and where saleswork is followed by location. 

State Guides. Set of 57 guides. Contains one guide for each State in the Union and one 
guide each for the District of Columbia, Alaska, Canada, Cuba, Guam, Hawaii, Mexico, 
Philippine Islands and Porto Rico. 

The Simplified Filing System. This system combines the merits of the alphabetic system 
with those of the numeric system. As will be seen by illustration, the index, which can be had 
in various subdivisions of the alphabet from 25 
up, comes in fifth cut, first and second positions 
only. Guides are numbered consecutively from 
1 up. Behind each guide is placed a blue 
folder with the same title and number shown 
on the guide. 

In the blue folder all miscellaneous correspond- 
ence and small groups of correspondence are 
filed alphabetically. When any group grows to 
a size of six letters or more (the number is not 
arbitrary) it is given a separate folder. 

Hesi assured as 
to the quality of 
our supplies. 
Not until we 
were satisfied 
absolutely that 
we could put 
out a line thai 
would worthily 
represent all 
that GF stands 
for did we enter 
this field. 

The Book reproduced above is our catalog on 
GF Filing Supplies. We have mentioned this 
book elsewhere, A Une to us, signifying your in- 
terest, will bring the book to you. Modern sys- 
tems of recording and filing are shown in this book 
along with a full outline of the GF Filing SuppHes. 

Simplified Filinn System 

page 7 

\ ^ 





Here are shown, graphically, the 
principal sizes of "records" used 
in almost every line of business. 

' 1 ^HESE forms range from the 5x3 
A card up to the legal blank size 
which, as will be noticed, is some- 
what too large for the limitation of 
our space. It is believed this will 
constitute a very ready reference 
to purchasers in ascertaining data 
on which to base their require- 
ments for filing space. 
Especially will it be useful in clarify- 
ing the problem in the purchaser's 
mind^ reducing it to simple terms, 
as it were, and reminding him that 
the matter is not nearly as complex 
and confusing as it is often thought 
to be and that the exercise of "com- 
mon sense," combined with knowl- 
edge of a few elementary facts, will 
enable him to arrive very quickly at 
conclusions and a solution, which it 
may be he would otherwise have 
felt could be determined only by 
expert authority or by a long time 
student of the subject. 








\ "^ 

) ^ 





CARD ''' 




. .■-.M?.'.',r.j-;;..:'-.,-;,;>-^i;^'.M-.'^: ' 

f, .. 



) - 

^L^nr%.L# ^'^t 1 









( -^ 




■ •" 


f ^ 

( "~ 














' '6 


ggliii»«iigjija!iiyip.uji l 












THE Special Index of our line of Allsteel Filing Equipment, on this and 
the following page, was prepared to facilitate the immediate locating 
of different styles of equipment for housing various business records, etc. 
There are five main divisions in the Allsteel Line of Filing Equipment: 

U-NETTES — half width sections, 17//' wide - - . - _ page 17 
Wydesteels — full width sections, 343^" wide - - - . page 37 
Uprights — vertical sections, S2%'' high ------ page 53 

Counter Heights — various widths, 42" high - - - . page 66 
Miscellaneous — various types of equipment for records. 

In these divisions there is equipment for the same records — to illustrate: By 
consulting the index you will find U-nettes holding 5x3'' cards cataloged 
on page 22; Wydesteels holding 5 x 3" cards cataloged on page 42, etc. 

Apply this principle and you will find this catalog simple and understandable. 



^ -1 


5x3" — The smallest standard card 
record, used extensively in every 
branch of business ------ 

6x4" — Medium size card record, 
suitable for types of records previ- 
ously carried in book or ledger form 
8 X 5" — The largest size standard 
card record. Where many columns 
are required, such as in ledger work, 
this size card is best adapted - - - 

5 X 8" — Where records are carried the 
short way of the card, this style record 
will provide maximum of space, 
specially suited to ledger records - - 
Tabulating System — Machine-han- 
dled records on cost, production, etc. 


Bills — Invoices, vouchers, receipts, 
special record systems — records not 
exceeding 9K" wide by 7^" high - 
Bonds — Insurance policies, deeds, 
mortgages, personal valuables, etc. - 
Cap Size Papers — Legal blanks or 
other records in size 93^" wide by 
14^" high, filed vertically - - - 

Checks — Cancelled checks, an im- 
portant record in every business - - 





















56, 65 










page 10 

Moiasixxg o£ Records 

PAPERS: (Continued) 
Documents — Contracts, policies, or 
legal blanks to be filed folded to size 
not exceeding 4^^" wide by 10" high 
Legal Blanks — Legal size papers, or 
any record to be filed flat, size not 
exceeding 91^" by 14^" high - - 
Letters — Correspondence, reports, 
estimates, quotations and business 
papers in size 83^^" wide by 11" high 
Ledger Sheets — Sheets used in 
Machine Ledger Posting - - - - 

Notes — Collateral, vouchers and 
other similar papers of great value 
and importance ------- 

Reports — Insurance daily reports, 
railroad tariffs, and other records, to 
be filed on end, not exceeding 93^" 
wide by 11^" high ----- 

Books — Business or efficiency books, 
personal volumes, catalogs, etc., for 

filing on end - - - 

Catalogs — For bulk, flat or vertical 
filing by numbers and subjects - - 
Ledgers — Ledgers of every kind, 
order and invoice books, cash and 
check books, etc. ------ 

Official — Books in city, county, 
state and government offices - - 
Plat Books — Books in real estate and 
insurance offices, bound volumes of 
maps, plans, etc. ------- 


Currency, coins, current cash supply 
Instruments, tools, etc. - - - - 
Maps, blue prints, tracings, etc. - - 
Photos, engravings, electrotypes, etc. 
Stationery, office supplies - - - - 
Stock Room Supplies, merchandise 








25, 28 

27, 28 






46, 48 





54, 56 
















72 to 



Regular Index. Please note that this in nowise conflicts with or takes the place 
of the regular index, which will be found on page 92, 

Having led you, we trust, with some measure of convincingness, to realize the 
desirability of Allsteel as a ''housing" for your records, and the further desir- 
ability of purchasing such "housing" on the basis of the quantity, size and 
character of those records, with due consideration for the particular methods 
or "systems" of filing them, may we not assume that you will be glad to know a 
little about our manufacturing ideas and ideals, and the construction features 
of Allsteel which have, we feel, had a great deal to do with our success? 

page 11 

THE Allsteel Line was an anticipation of a modern need. It had its 
beginning when the use of steel office equipment was in its infancy— 
when built-to-order equipment was practically the only office furniture 
in steel. 

The General Fireproofing Company — even at that time — recognized the com- 
ing need of a complete line of stock steel filing devices and, to that end, bent 
every energy toward the building of such a line. 

The justification of this ideal is the undisputed fact that steel for this purpose 
is now considered standard by the most progressive business houses. 

Our steady growth, with its years of experimenting by men expert in this 
field, has meant that shop practices have been standardized, special machinery 
has been designed and the entire cost of manufacture so systematized that the 
cost has been reduced to a point where it compares very favorably with that 
of the old-fashioned wooden files. 

As pioneers in stock or ''ready-to-use" office equipment— as one of the very 
few concerns who make steel office furniture exclusively, The General Fire- 
proofing Company has advant- 
ages in Allsteel not obtainable 
elsewhere. To distinguish these 
advantages^ and they are vital 
to the user— some understand- 
ing of construction details is 

The manufacturers of Allsteel 
court investigation and com- 
parison here. 

Side by side with any filing device 
construction on the market All- 
steel shows its true worth. 

page 12 

'%<^££^te^ Ho-uising o£ Record. 

Allsteel Construction is a Recognized 

It begins with the selection of materials — all 
steel used is manufactured to special order 
and must pass the most rigid inspection. 
Even the slightest surface flaw will cause its 

Allsteel workmen are men trained to make 
the highest grade of office equipment only. 

Machinery for making Allsteel is the most 
modern of its kind in existence. Much of it is 
designed absolutely for The General Fire- 
proofing Company. 

We foresaw that the skyscraper principle of 
design would be ultimate in filing device 
construction. Being, therefore, the pioneers 
in bringing out this type of filing equipment, 
it is natural that the Allsteel Line should 
present in a perfected state the utmost in 
rigidity and durability of the frame, without 
ponderous weight. All sheet metal parts are 
flanged, folded, rolled or beaded by special 
machinery. Joints are electrically welded 
and corners acetylene welded, making a case 
as strong and rigid as though formed from a 
single piece of steel. 

Three Allsteel manufacturing processes 
that form no small part of the reason for the 
success of the Allsteel Line are cold-draw- 
ing of steel, electric welding and acetylene 

Cold-drawing of steel is the method whereby 
strips of cold steel are formed into mouldings 
and any desired shape by pulling the steel, 
without the application of heat, through 
polished, idle rolls. The metal is pressed 
into a homogeneous mass without setting 
up strains or changing the nature of the steel 
by heating. 

Electric welding is the act of fusing two or 
more pieces of metal together. It is accom- 
plished by causing the passage of a heavy 
current of electricity through the parts. The 
resistance of the steel pieces creates a very 
high temperature which fuses the metals per- 
fectly. The union is as complete as if the 
pieces were one. 

Acetylene, sometimes called Autogenous 
welding, is the means used in closing joints in 
metal work or of uniting several pieces of 
metal by fusing the adjacent edges together. 
Heat for the fusion is supplied by an oxy- 
acetylene torch. Additional metal is fused 
into joints if required. 

The Allsteel Enamel Finish 

Every piece of the Allsteel Line is remark- 
able for its beautiful appearance. The soft 
olive green, a neutral tone which will harmo- 
nize with any interior, the oak and mahogany 
grainings — all are extraordinary examples of 
the finisher's art. 

The enamel is almost as permanent as the 
steel itself. It is almost a part of the steel, for 
it has been laid on and built up, coat by coat. 

The baking enamels are especially made for 
application to steel base. When the cases 
come to the finishing room they are first 
thoroughly cleaned and a priming coat applied. 
They are then placed in a super-heated oven 
and baked for hours at an extremely high 
temperature. Taken out, they are hand- 
rubbed, and given further coatings, more 
bakings and more rubbings, finally receiving 
the grain by direct reproduction of the natural 
wood. Then comes more baking and hand- 
rubbing, a coat of the toughest elastic varnish 
procurable; more baking, hand-rubbing and 
polishing, and the process is complete. 

The result aimed at in all our designs is simphcity 
and beauty, with maximum strength and service. 

The standard hardware furnished is oxidized brass on all Olive 
Green cases, and brushed brass on the Oak and Mahogany. 
Cast bronze hardware furnished for a slight extra charge 

page U 

Cliaracteristic Installations 

^f .J"^^^ ^^^"^ t^ Special Order 

THIS book is primarily a showing of goods carried in stock for immediate 
delivery. So many and so varied, however, are the needs of modern 
commerce, that a large part of the company's output is in equipment 
that has been made on special contract, built to order of the purchaser. 

Banks, Insurance Companies, Municipal 
Departments, Libraries, Commercial Houses, 
etc., have unusual demands at times that can 
be met by no stock or ordinary equipment. 
For these needs, we maintain in connection 
with our branches and principal agencies 
special data and every provision for rendering 
promptly efficient service along these lines. 

This is not a new departure with us. For 
many years, we have co-operated with thou- 
sands of companies and institutions in the 
planning of special methods for housing their 
records. When the customer knows exactly 
what he wants, the problem, of course, is 
easy. But it more often happens that the 
customer does not know this — and it is in such 
cases that our Contract Division Service 
makes itself most useful. 

We study the nature of your business — the 
character of your records — the immediacy 
with which they must be available — ^the lay- 
out of your offices — the duties of your 
employes, and help you materially in deter- 
mining the styles and quantities of equip- 
ment you should have. We have developed 
unequalled factory facilities for the building 
of such equipment. 

Not the design only may be special; the finish 
can be made to conform to present finishes or 
to ideas of your own. Allsteel equipment 
may be finished to resemble oak, mahogany, 
Circassian walnut, maple or any other wood, 
or may have our staple olive finish which is 
popular for large equipments. Remember 
that we have a department to work with 
you on special equipment of this kind. 

Equitable Life Assurance Society, New York City 
Portion of Allsteel Kquipment Installed for the Equitable Life Aasuraace Society, New York City, Subsequent to their Disastrous Fire 

page 14 

H oiasing o£ Records 

Office of Clerk of Supreme Court, Supreme Court Building, Raleigh, N, C. 
Allsteel Special Equipment Throughout. Architect, P. Thornton Marye, Atlanta, Ga. 

.1 Port ion of the Allsteel Equipment Installed in the Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort, Kentucky 

Architects, F. M. Andrews & Co., New York City 

page 15 

HoTJLsing o£ Records 

FROM this point on, this book catalogs Allsteel Lines of Office Furniture Equip- 
ment. Pages 17 to 32 describe and illustrate U-neites (our half-width or 17-inch 
sections), and Allsteel Refinement for use about the busy man's desk; pages 33 to 36 
describe and illustrate Office Desks and Tables: pages 37 to 52 describe and illustrate 
Wydesteels (our full-width or 34-inch sections) ; pages 53 to 65 describe and illustrate Uprights 
(our vertical, various widthed sections); pages 66 to 71 describe and illustrate Allsteel 
Counter Heights; pages 72 to 79 describe and illustrate Allsteel Safes; pages 80 to 87 describe 
and illustrate Allsteel Shelving, and pages 88 to 91 describe many other Devices and Specialties, 

U-NETTES are obtainable in three 
finishes: Mahogany, Oak and Olive 

It is necessary that this be not merely 
mentioned but emphasized at this 
point as there is a danger that the 
reader may assume that the U-nette 
Line is made only in the Mahogany 
finish, inasmuch, as for reasons of ex- 
pediency, the entire line of U-nettes 
is shown only in that finish. 

Wydesteels are obtainable in 
three finishes: Mahogany, Oak 
and Olive Green. 
It is necessary that this be not 
merely mentioned but empha- 
sized at this point as there is a 
danger that the reader may 
assume that the Wydesteel Line 
is made only in the Oak finish, 
inasmuch, as for reasons of ex- 
pediency, the entire line of 
Wydesteels is shown only in 
that finish. 

Uprights are obtainable in three 
finishes: Mahogany, Oak and Olive 

It is necessary that this be not merely 
mentioned but emphasized at this 
point as there is a danger that the 
reader may assume that the Upright 
Line is made only in the Olive Green 
finish, inasmuch, as for reasons of ex- 
pediency, the entire line^ of Uprights 
is shown only in that finish. 

Almost all the other Allsteel Lines 
shown in this catalog are also made 
in the three finishes illustrated above. 

The General Fireproofing Company 
youngstown, ohio 

page 16 

HESE are the half sections of the Allsteel 
Horizontal Sectional Line. They might well 
be called the true units of the line= They are 
the starters, so to speak, for any fiHng system. 

Just half the width of the Wydesteel Line they 
present the type of filing equipment suitable 
for small beginnings. They can be built up 
and so intermembered with the Wydesteel 
Line, however, that they leave opportunity 
for any amount of expansion without ever 

discarding the very first section. It never ages and will always fit in with 

other equipment, regardless of size of the installations. 

A Story Exemplifying How U-nettes May Be Basis 
for Large Installations 

"When I first started in business," said Grayson, 'T made a lot of fool mis- 
takes, the same as most men starting in business do. 

"But I've always thought I was 
mighty lucky in one matter — Billy 
Judkins, who had the office across 
the hall, happened in just when I was 
going to buy a filing case. The thing 
I was looking at was one of these 
cumbersome wooden affairs and I'll 
frankly admit I was just buying it 
because I had a notion that an office 
wasn't considered quite complete 
without something of the sort. 

"Well, Billy happened to be quite a 
connoisseur on filing equipment and 
before he let up on me he absolutely 
had me sold on this little stack. (See 
illustration No. L) 

"Notice that although it was a lot 
smaller than the 'high boy' wooden 
arrangement, it yet allowed for three No. i 



page IT 

^<f££^Ze££, MoTJLsing o£ Records 


■ ■ BE 

%mi ^ 

i^ w^ 

-^^ ^: 

entirely different kinds of filing, namely : 
documents (top file), photos, maps, 
blanks, etc. (middle file), and corre- 
spondence (bottom file). 

''After a few months business was 
coming along pretty good and, you 
remember, I moved over into the 
Majestic Building. Well, I needed 
some more filing space, and — see what 
I did.^ I bought a G F Wydesteel for 
my card indexes, which were growing 
quite sizable ; bought another G F 
U-nette and another low sanitary base 
j^ and top, and that gave me a capital 
little outfit. (See illustration No. 2.) 
"Then, when I formed the new com- 
pany and we'd cut our eye teeth in the 
business world, I found I needed still 
further space and I added enough G F 
Wydesteel and U-nette sections to make up the stack as you see it now. 
(See illustration No. 3.) 

"Notice that my three original files that formed stack No. 1 are still there, 
just as good as the day I got 'em, and FU defy you to tell from their appear- 
ance which are the old and which the new. Now, Fve always appreciated that 
G F hunch Billy gave me and Fm glad to pass it along to you fellows." 

^-'■■"-'^ -smmm 

. m 


No. 2 

Grayson didn't use anywhere near all the sections there are to the line. As 
his business grows he will doubtless find many other needs and he will always 
find a G F section to meet the need, and that will fit into his growing stack. 
Why not fa- 
miliarize your- 
self with the 
wonders of All- 
steel Office 
Filing Equip- 

A postal card or 
'phone call will 
bring a repre- 
sentative, or a 

This View shows the 
way Grayson's stack 
looked after he added 
to his original units, 
section by section, as 
business demanded. 

No. 3 

page 18 

W^€£ate^ M o la s i n g o£ R 

e c o r ci s 

Stacks of U-nettes for Use in 
Private Offices 

^^^H Ma DDITIONAL to the value of U-nettes as the basic element for 
^^^H Mw ? ^"^^ business "to grow on" there is a very marked value 
^^^H ffial ^^ *^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ '^l^^ of U-nettes for individual use by ofFi- 
I^Hp j^^k cers, department managers, executives, etc., etc., of larger 
^^^^ institutions. Nearly every man has some papers, records 

and documents of a more personal, private or intimate 
nature, which he desires to be filed by his own stenographer or secretary and 
not kept in the general files of the concern, to which everyone has access. 

For such purposes the stack of U-nettes forms the ideal arrangement. It 
provides in the smallest possible compass the largest possible variety of fifing 

In the limits of a smaU stack of U-nettes, for instance, a man might have 
suitable provision for keeping:— his private correspondence; card file of mem- 
bers of lodge of which he is secretary; deeds, abstracts, life insurance poli- 
cies, etc., etc. ; church papers; matters pertaining to a relative's estate of which 
he is trustee; and, in a locker section, plate or other valuables used in his home 

occasionally — we merely 
mention a few random func- 
tions for a U-nette personal 
file to indicate to the read- 
er's mind the possibilities 
of usefulness its possession 
would afford. 

It is limitless in its conven- 
ience — essential to a system- 
atic man — and time-saving 
in the end. Indeed there are 
few homes or offices that 
have no use for U-nettes for 
one purpose or another. 

The busy — active man needs 
his correspondence and 
papers near his desk. When 
he wants certain documents 
he wants them at once and 
not a half hour later. These 
U-nettes are for that pur- 
pose. The store manager — 
the traffic man — the sales 
or advertising manager finds 
the several drawers and 
compartments useful for 

No. 45f 
The Store Manager 

Private ledger file, letter and 
report file, and pigeonholes for 
pending memoranda. 

No. 454 
The Advertising Manager 

Files for drawings, proofs, 
clippings, electrotypes and 
card records. 


page 19 

MoTjisixig o£ Reco r d s 

No. U55 
The Office Manager 

Letter file and three-drawer 
storage drawer section. 

No. ^36 
The General Manager 

Books, records and per- 
sonal belongings. 

Stacks of U-nettes for Use in Private Offices 

Keep your tariff files here — 
your sales records — your con- 
tracts — your card records — 
your proofs, engravings, electro- 
types, or personal belongings. 

For things used daily — that are 
needed quickly, this is the all- 
essential file. 

A study of the pictures shown 
here will indicate clearly how 
U-nettes may be built into an 
infinite variety of combinations 
to provide fihng or storage space 
for every possible sort of need. 

Each part or section of U-nettes 
is made all of steel — double 
walled — with closed tops and 

They are built dust and vermin- 
proof — sanitary and fire retard- 
ing — a real protection to their 
contents at all times. 

Present your problems to us and 
we will show you the right com- 
bination stack for you. 

U-nettes are made in three 
standard finishes — Mahogany, 
Oak, and OUve Green, thus en- 
abling the purchaser to match 
his present office furniture if 
that happens to be Oak or 
Mahogany, or, if not, to adopt 
the Olive Green finish which is 
in good taste and presents a 
clean-cut, business-like appear- 
ance amid any surroundings. 

We feel we can scarcely over- 
emphasize this point as there is 
a natural tendency to feel that 
because we show U-nettes only 
in the Mahogany finish that that 
is the only finish we offer. 

No. /i52 
The Traffic Manager 

Storage and vertical tarift' 
files and card records. 

No. ^i53 
The Sales Manager 

Report and letter file and 
card sales records. 



page '20 

H oiasing o£ Records 

U-nettes. Vertical Filing Sections 

U 25 VL 
U-nette Vertical Letter File 

U 25 VL— 25 inches deep 
wide high 

17 T^^' 12^(12.29)" 
'* 10 H" 

Case outside - 

Drawer inside, clear - 12' 

U 17 \L—f7 inches deep 
wide high 

Caseoutside - - -17,^" 12^(12.29)" 
Drawer inside, clear - 12"' 10 f|" 




These Letter and Cap Sections are 
intended to provide ample file capacity for 
those whose requirements do not demand 
files as large as the Uprights or even the 
Wydesteels. Understand, however, that the 
capacity of these sections is great. They may 
be expanded into stacks of many sections or 
incorporated into larger systems of the Wyde- 
steels. (See page 37.) 

Observe that the two sections at the left side 
of this page are alike in appearance. The 
only difference is in the width of the drawer 
interiors. The drawer in the cap file is made 
to accommodate legal papers flat. The letter 
file drawer is made narrower inside by the 
insertion of fillers on either side. They can be 
readily removed, thus changing the file from 
letter to cap size. 

Drawers are 
mounted on pro- 
gressive movement 
roller slide suspen- 
sion device as used 
in the Uprights 
and Wydesteels. 
(Explained on 
page 64.) 

Careful tests have 
been made of 
these drawers, and 
after one hundred 
thousand in and out 
movements of the 
drawers, under 
service load, no appreciable wear was disclosed. The 
rollers are steel — not fibre or composition — and run 
without noise or friction in an AUsteel channel. The 
operation is so easy that but slight effort is required to 
move drawer under load. 

The follower block rides in steel track channels 
at sides of drawer and is independent of center 
guide rod in bottom. It locks and releases by a 
simple lever device, easily reached at any position. 
This is the follower used in Uprights and Wydesteels. 
(Illustrated on page 64.) 

Furnished with individual flat key Yale lock. 

U 25 VC 
U-nette Vertical Cap File 

U 25 VC— 25 inches deep 
wide high 

Caseoutside - - - 17 yV" 12^(12.29)' 
Drawer inside, clear - 14 f|" 10 fi" 

U 17 VC— /7 inches deep 
wide high 

Caseoutside - - - 17^" 12^(12.29)' 
Drawer inside, clear - 14 1|" 10 ^" 





No. 373 
The Stack shown illustrates the 
appearance of these sections in 
actual use. The cap file is in 
the twenty -five-inch depth, the 
letter file in the seventeen-inch 
depth. Notice the use of the 
reducing top. 


page 21 

Moiasing o£ Records 

U 1753)4 CI 
Three-drawer Card Index 5x3" 

Case outside - 
Drawer inside. 


17 A" 




U 1753 CI 
Six-Drawer Card Index 5 x 3" 

Case outside - 

Drawer inside, 

clear - - - 


17 1^" 




15 M" 

clear - 

- - 5^" 3^" 15 M" 



U-nettes. Card Index Sections 

A Gain in filing capacity of more than 50%, for the space used, over any other 
hne made, wood or steel, is obtained in U-nette card indexes (5 x 3'^? three 
drawers wide, small sections. This size and style of indexes will only be found 
in U-nettes. 

In all the various card index sections, Wydesteels and U-nettes, the drawers 
are alike in construction. The differences are in the dimensions. Note these 

from tabulations. 

Drawer heads are 
made double and 
joined without 
rivets or screws to 
the drawer bodies. 

The bodies are 
formed, bottom 
and sides, of a sin- 
gle piece of sheet 

Interior of open- 
ings for drawers is 
perfectly smooth. 

Drawer bottoms 
are formed down at 
the outside edges 
into two runners. 
These are the only 
points of frictional 

Strap bales at the 
rear provide sus- 
pension to hold 
drawers while 
cards are being 

These sections are 
also furnished with 
general pilaster 
lock — paracentric 
key type — operat- 
ing on air drawers 

Without extra cost. Card 
Index Sections will be fur- 
nished with box type 
drawers. The standard 
equipment is drawers with 
cut-down sides. 

U 17S4H CI 
Two-drawer Card Index 6 x h" 

wide high deep 

Case outside - \1 -h" 6^(6.04)" 17" 
Drawer inside, 

clear - - - 63^" 4 A" 15 K" 

JJ 176ff CI 
Four-drawer Card Index 6 x V 

wide hiph deep 

Case outside - 17 tk" 11^(1 1.38)" 17" 
Drawer inside, 

clear - - - 6^" ^^" ^Wa" 

No. 385 
A Stack of 5 X 3s 

U 1758 CI 
Three-drawer Card Index 5x8" 
No box type drawer furnished for this style, 
wide high deep 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, 
clear - - 

17t^" 11^(11.38)" 17" 





page 22 

MoTjising o£ Recox-ds 

U-nettes- Card Index and Locker Sections 

These Combination Sections ofTer the small locker space so necessary in 
every office for the storage of things having considerable value, such as 
stamped envelopes, and, as well, things of semi-importance. 

U 1785 CI contains, besides small locker, two 
8x5 card index drawers. These drawers are 
identical in construction and equipment with 
other Allsteel drawers. 

U 17 CF drawers, two in number, are for 
check filing. They take papers 93^x43/2 inches. 
This is an exceedingly handy section for use of 
cashiers, providing, in addition to the two useful 
drawers, a locker receptacle for small valuables 
as well as a file for transient vouchers and 

other papers. 

Either of these sec- 
tions can be furnished 
with individual locks 
for drawers. 

U 1785 CI 


Card Index Locker 

wide high deep 

Case outside 

17 5^" 13^(13.88)^' 17" 

Card drawers 

inside, clear 

SH'' 5^'' 15" 

Inside locker. 

clear - - 

7" 123^" 16Ji' 

u u ss 

U-nette Sliding Shelf 

wide high 

Case outside 17 tV 2'' 

15K" IH" 

Shelf extended 




U-nette Sliding Shelf, an unusual and much 
appreciated feature, extends twelve inches. Bump- 
ers prevent accidental complete withdrawal. Note 
its use in view to left. 

No. 39^i 

The Stack of U-nettes shown 
above pictures the adaptability 
of this line. This is only a 

Allsteel U-nettes 

are built in a great 
variety for buyers to 
choose those meeting 
personal needs. 

Without extra cost Card In- 
dex Sections will be furnished 
with box type drawers. The 
standard equipment is drawers 
with cut-down sides. 


U 17 GF 

Check File Locker 

wide high 

Case outside 17^'' 125%(12.29)'' 
Check drawers, 

inside, clear 9\%" 4%'' 
Inside locker, 

clear - - - 5]%" 11 B" 





page 23 

^^^l££^tee£, Moiasing o£ Record 

U 17 DF 

Three-drawer Document File 

wide high 

Caseoutside - - 17 t^" 12^(12.29)" 
Drawer inside, clear 4%" lOH" 



U-nettes. Document File and Ledger Sheet Sections 

These Sections are generally used for current and transferred documents 

The storage drawer fde is one drawer with three compartments. Drawers 
in the document fde are built up of only two pieces — drawer head joined to 
the body which is folded from one piece for bottom and sides, with runners 
formed in the bottom to lessen friction. Strap bale is provided for suspension. 

A unique feature of the head is the mount- 
ing of the hardware on embossed panels, which 
on drawer interior form recesses holding the 
rivet heads within the mounting. Thus the 
surface is absolutely smooth. Papers are 
insured against damage from wear and tear. 

Small details of this kind are abundant in Allsteel 
Line, and demonstrate the thoroughness with which the 
line has been planned. No item, however small, of 
value or usefulness to the buyer, is overlooked. 

Follower block operates in countersunk slot in bottom 
of drawer. Compressor locks automatically at any 
point and is released by slight pressure at the top. 

The case for this Three-drawer Document File has 
the partitions solid. 
Each compartment 
therefore, when the 
drawers are in, is sepa- 
rate from the others 
and dustproof. 

Ledger Sheet Sec- 
tion is designed 
specifically for 
housing ledger 
sheets used in con- 
nection with the 
Burroughs system 
of machine ledger 

Each section will 
hold approximately 
4600 sheets, exclu- 
sive of guides. 
Drawer mounted on 
progressive move- 
ment roller slide 
suspension. Drawer 
equipped with the 
same style of fol- 
lower block as is 
used on Uprights. 

U 25 DFS 

Triple Compartment Document 

Storage Drawer 

wide high deei) 

Caseoutside - - 17 tV'' 12^(12.29)" 
Drawer inside, clear 4 W' 10^ J" 


U 25 LS 
Ledger Sheet Section 

wide high deep 

Caseoutside - - 17/^" 14^(14.32)" 25" 
Drawer inside, clear 12M" 12 ft" 23%" 

No. ms 


page 2i 

U-nettes. Legal Blank Sections 

By Custom, sections of this kind are called legal blank sections, because 
originally used only for the purpose of filing legal blanks. They are now 
used just as extensively for the tiling of many other things, as electrotypes, 

photographs, proofs too large for cap file, 
drawings and by physicians and dentists for the 
classification and filing of their instruments. 

Physicians and dentists have found a stack 
composed of storage drawer, bookcase and 
locker sections, also one or more legal blank 
sections, make a useful office adjunct. 

These sections also furnished with general 
pilaster lock — paracentric key type — operating 
on all drawers simultaneously. 

V iiy^ LB 
Three-drawer Legal Blank Section 

U 17 LB 
Six-drawer Legal Blank Section 

Case outside - _ _ - 
Drawer inside, clear: 

Large compartment - 

Small compartment - 

Case outside 

Drawer inside, clear: 

Large compartment 
Small compartment 

U 17 LB 

17 i^" wide 12 T^j (12.29)" high 



17" deep 

15%" " 

U 17y2 LB 

17 ^" wide 6 H (6.54)" high 





The Buyer who requires six drawers like those 
of U 173^ LB does not have to purchase two 
sections of U \1]4. LB. He purchases one 
section only, U 17 LB. This is true in the case 
of the buyer who requires three drawers. The 
U 173^ LB section was built for him. 

This is more evidence that the Allsteel 
Line anticipates individual requirements and 
builds accordingly. 

^J^^^^ Twin Stacks of 

The Stack shown to the right is 
typical of an arrangement much 
used in law, real estate offices and 
in trust departments of banks. 

Bulky documents, blue-prints con- 
cerning them, reports, copies of 
abstracts, plats, briefs, etc., can 
here be filed along with a card 
index for any or all. The unit is 
attractive and compact. 

No. M3 


page 2d 

HLoiasing a f RecorcLs 

U-nettes. Roller Shelf Sections 

These Roller Shelf Sections are of the greatest convenience to the book- 
keeper or credit man. The shelf adjustment rack is slotted every half inch so 
that the four shelves may be adjusted to books of any thickness. Books up 
to 15 X 223/^ inches in width and depth are accommodated. 

Roller Shelf, Out of Case 

The Shelf is made with twelve rollers, 
heavy seamless solid brass in front and 
steel rollers behind, so arranged that 
books rest entirely on the rollers and 
are saved absolutely from shelf wear. 

Case outside - - - 
Net clear for books, when 
shelves equidistant - 

U 25 RS 
Roller Shelf, Open 

17 1^" wide 18H(18.54)' 
15 A^' " 3ii" 

high 25" deep 

24^" " 

Case outside - - - 

Net clear for books, when 
shelves equidistant - 

U 25 RSD 
Roller Shelf with Door 

17 iV'' wide 18H(1B.54)' 

ISA" " 314" 

high 25" deep 

" 23M" " 

The door on this closed section is a solid steel plate with 
Yale flat key spring lock. It fits so closely as to make 
the section dust-proof and is protection also against fire 
and sneak thieves. 

The Business Institution, no matter how small, 
must utilize space for its large and bulky record 

Here once more is brought to your attention 
how the Allsteel Line has been built to econ- 
omize on space and meet needs of business offices 
large and small. 

No. 424 

A Slack with Closed Roller 

Shelf Seclion 


page 26 

HouLsing o£ Recorcis 


U i? Li 
Closed Locker Section 

wide high deep 

Case outside - -17,%" 12^(12.29)" 17" 
Net clear, inside -15 }|" 11^'' 16K" 

Storage and Scoopfile Sections 

On this page are pictured sections useful and 
necessary in present day private offices. 

Storage section U 17 LI, provided with solid 
plate steel door and Yale flat key spring lock, is 
an especially convenient section for private office 

This gives a handy place for storage of miscel- 
laneous articles of both value and private nature. 
The section can be furnished with one plain 
shelf at small extra cost. 

The bookcase section U 17 BC has a glass door 
of the usual disappearing type, which pulls out 
and up, sliding back 
under top of section. 

The glass is mounted in 
felt pads and door frame 
flanged to make it dust- 

U 17 BC 

A Useful section for catalogs, books 
and pamphlets kept for current refer- 

wide high deep 

Caseoutside - 17,^" 12^(12.29)'' 17'' 
Net clear, inside 15 U'' 103^" 16^" 

u ny^ SF 

Three-compartment Scoopfile Section 

wide high deep 

Caseoutside- - -17,^" 5^^(5.04)" 17" 
Net clear, inside, each 

compartment - 5^" 3%" 11" 

.mm ^ '*® 

mm ^^ ^ 

U 17 SF 
Scoopfile Section 

wide high 

Caseoutside - - 17 1^'' 9^(9.38) 
Net clear, inside, each 

compartment - 5^" 3^" 11 



The modern tendency 
in the use of flat top 
desks leaves the business 
man without pigeonholes, 
to which he has long been 
accustomed, for tempo- 
rary filing of current re- 
ceipts, bills, memos, etc. 

With a section of Scoop- 
file U-nettes in the stack 
at his elbow, this filing 
difficulty is obviated, and 
he can maintain a clear 
working space on his desk . 

Many executives have 
found a section with cor- 
nice top only (no base), 
set on the corner of the 
desk, desirable and con- 

No, ^36 

A Typical Stack Book- 
case, Three-drawer Legal 
Blank Section, and Storage. 


page 27 

MoTjLsing o£ Recox^ds 

U-nettes. Storage Sections 

By Use of these sections at bottom of various 
stacks in office or vault, sufficient storage 
space is secured for practically all filing and 
stationery supplies, and various filing and card 
systems are raised to the most convenient 
working height. 

As the stack in the lower left corner of this 
page shows, they may be banked together, or 
in combination with locker sections, for purely 
storage purposes. They are much used in this 
way for vault filing. 

In intermembered stacks, especially with 
document files, they are convenient recep- 
tacles for bundles of semi-disposed-of papers 
retained at hand for occasional reference. 

Sections on this page are also furnished with 
individual Yale flat key locks and general 

pilaster lock — the 
latter p ar acentric 
key type— operat- 
ing on all drawers 

Your Needs in 
filing devices and 
office furniture 
may be peculiarly 
personal, subject 
to circumstances 
and conditions ob- 
taining solely in 
your ofiice. 

U 1714, SD 

wide hijijh deep 

Case outside - - 17 -j^" 6^(6.54)" 17" 

Drawer inside, clear 15^" 5 5i" 15^" 

U 2514 SD 

wide high deep 

Case outside - - 17/b" 6^(6.54)" 25" 

Drawer inside, clear 15^" 5^" 23^" 

U 17 SD 

wide high 


Case outside - - 17 3^" 12^(12.29)' 


Drawer inside, clear 15 1^" 3 J^" 


No, m^ 

The Allsteel Line has been designed to take 
care of just such cases as much' as it has been to 
meet the requirements of standardized office equip- 

The Allsteel Line will fit in with your business. 
Let us prove the assertion. 

It has been our established policy for a long time 
to render aid, gratuitously, to the business man or 
organization who find filing and office equipment 
problems confronting them. We want you to have 
what is right— nothing else. 


page 28 

H o TJL s i 3n. g 

£ Recoi^cLs 

U 17 CDL 
Cash Drawer Section 

U-nettes. Currency Compartment Sections 

The Cash Drawer Section is primarily intended for use in the Allsteel 
safe. It is adaptable to any U-nette or Wydesteel stack. There is nothing 
in its outward appearance to indicate that it is a money container, thus 

affording sufficient safety for ordinary amounts. 

The section contains six currency compartments 
and a sliding coin tray, with six cups. 

The coin tray is of steel and rests on steel ledges 
at either side of the drawer. It slides easily, 
giving ready access to any of the currency 

The drawer is hung on the patented Allsteel 
Roller Suspension, insuring smooth and easy 

The drawer is fitted with a paracentric Yale lock. 

The lock works automatically whenever the 
drawer is closed— hence there is no excuse 
for not locking the drawer in the absence of 
its custodian. 

The roller bearings make possible closing 
and locking of drawer by slight push on it. 

This Drawer is made with double walls, 
welded joints and corners, in fact, it is of the 
standard excellence of construction found 
throughout the 
Allsteel Line. 

Case outside 


high deep 

6^i(6.54)" 17" 

Cash Drawer^ Open, Showing 
Coin Tray 

Showing Currency Compartments 

Drawer heads are especially well reinforced to withstand jar 
of the coin tray continually pulled against it. This is 
another of the small features indicative of the service built 
into Aja.subbIj products. 

Allsteel Line policy demands that there be no skimping. 

Showing Cash Drawer in a 
No. 100 Allsteel Safe 


page 29 

H OTjLsing a f Records 

U 17 T 
Seventeen-inch Top 


Twenty-five-inch Top 

U25 RT 
Reducing Top 

U-nettes. Tops, Reducing Tops and Bases 

So Important do we believe the perfect symmetry of design and harmony 
of proportion in Allsteel furniture that our designers have actually planned 
reducing tops and bases for this purpose. 

These may be called small things — unimportant details — but to us it is these 
details that have in every instance perfected our product and made it the 
success it is today. . 

It may be that these tops and bases will 
not be necessary with the equipment you 
require, but they are here for your benefit 
in making any combination of fdes appear 
complete and finished to the smallest detail. 

Tops and bases are required only to com- 
plete the stacks. U-nettes are made dust- 
proof, closed top and bottom, and cornice 
tops and bases are necessary only for en- 
hancing the beauty. 

The reducing top is needed only where a 
seventeen-inch section is to be placed 
above a twenty-five-inch section. 

The leg 
bases are 
ed inside 
with 2-in. 
and are 
rigid. The 

legs are full square — four sides — formed up 

without nuts or rivets. These legs have 

convex riding surface at bottom to prevent 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ scraping in changing position of cabinets on 

fljHHpHHH fioor. Cabinets may be pushed without 

^^^Httr ^^^''^^^^^^l undue friction, and silently. 

^^^^^^^-"^^^-^^^^^^^B The seventeen- and twenty-five-inch tops 

^1 ^H ^1 ^^B (sometimes called cornice tops) are really 

^H ^H ^1 ^H ^^3^ ^^^ ^^3^ inches deep respectively, 

^H ^H ^H ^^1 allowing a cornice overhang in front of a 
■ ^M ■ ^M 

U 25 HSB 

Twenty-five-inch High Sanitary Base 

U 25 B 

Tiventy-fwe-ineh Closed Base 

U 25 LSB 
Twenty-five-inch Low Sanitary Base 

U 17 T 

- 17 ^" wide 

IH( 1.00)" hish 


U 25 T 

- 17,^" " 

1 r L75)" " 


U 25 RT - - 

- 17 tV" " 

1 ( 1.00)" " 


U 17 B - - 

- 17 3^" " 

4 ( 4.00)" " 


U 25 B - - 

- 17^'' " 

4 ( 4.00)" " 


U 17 LSB - - 

- 17 T^" " 

9^( 9.38)" " 


U 25 LSB - - 

- 11^" " 

9H( 9.38)" " 


U 17 HSB - - 

- 17,^'' " 

18^(18.13)" " 


U 25 HSB - 

- 17^- " 

18^(18.13)" " 




page 30 

No. 2 lOi^" 

No. 4 12 H" 
No. 6 14 H" 

Bond Box 


5 A" 

11 A" 



'^€S^te^ Hoiasing o£ Recoi^cis 

Specialties for Offices and Banks 

AUsteel Bond Box 

Strength — beauty — fire protection 
and security are the features em- 
bodied in this AUsteel Bond Box. 

Heavy steel sides, bottom and lid are 
made into one homogeneous piece by 
electric welding of great perfectness. 
Then the corners are reinforced and 
the box becomes an article of superi- 
ority in every detail. 

Over all is laid an exceedingly hand- 
some oven-baked, hand-rubbed 
enamel, in your choice of Oak, Mahogany or Olive Green. 

Has staunch brass handle and flat key Yale lock. 

AUsteel Note Case 

A Convenient and secure housing for notes, bonds and other vouchers. No 
bank should consider its filing equipment complete without one of these 
AUsteel Note Cases. 

Like other AUsteel devices, the Note Case is substantially built, is unburnable, 
can't warp or crack and can be depended upon for long service. Equipped 
with Yale flat key lock and handle. Compartment in front provides space 
for current papers. 

Alphabetical — 25 subdivision, Monthly and Daily Indexes 
provide for the careful filing of all papers placed within the case. 

Thin, easy-operating follower block keeps papers upright. 

Made in two sizes and in any of the three standard finishes— 
Oak, Mahogany or Olive Green. 

No. 1. Small Note Case No, 2. Large Note Case 

10H"wide 5%"high 17" deep 13H"wide 63^" high 17" deep 

Will take papers 9xi%" Will take papers 12x5" 

Twenty-five subdivision Alphabetical guides and Daily — 1 to 31 — guides, 
can be furnished in Manila or 20 Point Celluloided Tip Pressboard. Made 
with over-lapping square shoulder tabs to give extra strength and service. 

Monthly Guides — January to December — all third cut, center position — 
made in Manila and 20 Point Celluloided Tip Pressboard. 

Note Case, Open Note Case, Closed 


page 31 

Mo-uLsing o£ Records 

Single Tray 


long wide 
1434" ll^i" 



Trays Stacked — Notz Rigidity 

Trays can be placed one above the other 
to any height by rods, furnished when 
desired. These rods shp into bottom of 
posts in corners of each tray and into 
sockets in the top of each post of the next 
lower tray. Such stacks are rigid and 
always remain erect. 

Specialties for Offices and Banks 

The office desk supplementary equipment 
on this page not only adds to the efficiency 
of the modern office, but enhances the 
beauty as well. 

Letter Trays 

The Allsteel Letter Trays harmonize 
in design and attractive appearance with 
the rest of the Allsteel Line. 

Substantially constructed of steel, with all 
joints electrically welded, which gives these 
trays great strength and rigidity. They 
will never lose their shape or become shaky. 

Each tray fitted with brass label holder. 

Furnished in Mahogany, Oak or Olive 
Green finish. 

Posts can be purchased to make stacks. 

For bottom tray of a stack or when trays 
are used singly, detachable rubber feet are 
provided to prevent marring and scratching 
desk or table tops. 

Their solid metal sides and bottom make 
them sanitary and the price is such as to 
make it an advantage to choose them in 

Waste Basket 

An excellent basket, not only for officials, but for the office throughout. The 
long service, safety and ultimate economy make it one of the most-desired 
items in the Allsteel Line. 

Note the taper from top to bottom of basket and 
the square bead at the top — unusual features in 
equipment of this kind. 

No openings in side or bottom. What goes into the 
basket remains there until removed. 

Should carelessly tossed smouldering matches, cigar 
stubs, etc., ignite contents, the fire cannot spread or 
cause any great amount of damage. 

Allsteel high standard of finish is applied to the 
basket. Furnished in Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green. 

Waste Basket 

10" square 13" square 
at the at the 

bottom to[j 



over all 


page 32 

^^^fe^^te^ Hoiasing o£ Records 

^J^^^ Desks and Tables 

THE steadily increasing use of AUsteel Filing Cabinets, extending through 
the past fifteen years, is rapidly coming to include AUsteel Desks and 
Office Tables. Both are designed with the user's requirements clearly 
before us. Both are built for long service. 

These features offset, entirely, any price consideration and prove AUsteel to 
be the economical business furniture. From the tough, Avear-resisting yet 
altogether pleasing green linoleum tops to the cast bronze footings, AUsteel 
Desks and Tables are built for permanence. 

AUsteel Desks are the first to successfully combine the beauty and convenience 
of four-leg design with assured sagless construction. Reinforcing aprons 
front and back hold the writing bed permanently straight and fiat. 

Drawers in each desk are interchangeable — can be arranged to suit individual 
requirements. Standard finishes — Mahogany, Oak and Olive Green — others 
are special. For export, all desks and tables are shipped knock-down, saving 
ocean freight. 

Sanitary Roll-Top Desk 

The requirements of 
business executives, both 
for convenience and ap- 
pearance, were our guide 
in designing this desk. 

Top compartments con- 
sist of six smooth slid- 
ing drawers, six open 
pigeon holes and a large 
private lock box. There 
are two additional open 
compartments (one on 
each end) in the top of 
the No. 2066 R Desk. 

34" deep 

No. 2066 R 

42%'' high Height of Writing Bed 303^" 

Drawer Dimensions (Inside Clear) 

Lower Drawer, Right Pedestal - - - - 12'' wide lOH" 

Other Pedestal Drawers - 12" " 5^" 

Storage Drawer and Compartments in Top 53^" '* 3 A'' 

Legal Blank Compartments in Top - - 11 i|" " Ipi" 

Private Lock Box in Top 5" " 5^" 


20 H" 



The lower drawer in the right pedestal has a chan- 
nel-grooved bottom and follower block for conveni- 
ence in filing reports, correspondence and the like. 
The other pedestal drawers are punched every 
lA inch for adjustable partitions. Two partitions 
are furnished with each desk. 

Drawers in the right pedestal controlled by general 
lock which operates independently of the top. 

Cold-draw n bronze binding strip , cast bronze hard- 
ware and bronze foot castings— all brush bronze finish. 

Detail of Right Pedestal Drawers 


page 33 

M o TJL s i n g o £ R e c o x- ci s 

Sanitary Flat -Top Desk 

The clear, unobstructed 
writing bed of the flat -top 
design makes it a desk 
much preferred for its 
great utility. It offers no 
opportunity for work to 
accumulate and be over- 

The writing bed is of 
heavy, close-grained lino- 
leum; does not collect 
dirt nor show wear. 

The left pedestal drawers 
and the upper right pedes- 
tal drawer are punched 

Detail of Left Pedestal Drawers 
Double Flat-Top Desk 

A Desk which will save 
both space and money, 
where two can work con- 
veniently facing each 
other. In construction, 
finish and drawer equip- 
ment it is the same as the 
Sanitary Flat -Top Desk 
No. 2060 F. 

Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green 
finish. Cold-drawn bronze 
binding strip, cast bronze 
hardware and bronze foot cast- 
ings — all brush bronze finish. 






2060 F 
Flat -Top 

' deep 





No. 2066 F 

66" long 34" deep 

Drawer Dimensions (Inside Clear) 
Lower Drawer, Right Pedestal - - 12" wide 10 H' 
Other Drawers 12" " Sy&' 

, high 


20 K' 


every lA in. for adjustable partitions. Two 
are furnished ; more can be had at small cost. 
All four drawers are of sufficient depth to 
accommodate S'^x 3'^ 6''x 4'' and 8''x 5'' 
card indexes with guides. 

The lower right pedestal drawer has a 
grooved bottom and follower block for ver- 
tical filing. All drawers in this pedestal 
controlled by a general lock. 

Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green finish. Cold-drawn 
bronze binding strip, cast bronze hardware and 
bronze foot castings — all brush bronze finish. 

No. 2060 DF 
Double Flat-Top Desk 

60" long 48" deep 30K" high 

Drawer Dimensions (Inside Clear, Both Sides Alike) 
Lower Drawer, Right Pedestal 12" wide 10 H" high 19M" deep 

Other Drawers 



20 H" 


page 31 

^^^^f££^te^ Ho-Lxsing o£ Record 

Single Pedestal Flat-Top Desk 

Well adapted for the information 
clerk, junior clerk and other 
employees, who require only a little 
drawer and writing-bed room. Top 
drawer fitted with two adjustable 
partitions on Ire -inch centers. Lower 
drawer equipped for vertical filing. 
General lock controls all drawers. 

Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green finish. 
Cold-drawn bronze binding strip, cast 
bronze hardware and bronze foot castings 
— all brush bronze finish. 

No. W¥* TW 

Typewriter Desk (Single Pedestal) 

44" wide 34'' deep 30^^" high 

Three Slorage Drawers (Inside Clear) 

9 H" wide 55^" high 20 K" deep 

Typewriter Stand 

The stand is so sofidly built that 
there is no vibration from the type- 
writer, and it is, to all purposes, ever- 

Used also as a display table, telephone 
stand, etc., wherever a strong, dur- 
able stand is required. The top is 
steel, not linoleum. 

Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green finish. Cast 
bronze hardware, brush finish. 

Upper Drawer 
Lower Drawer - 

No. 20^2 F 
Single Pedestal Flat-Top Desk 

long 34'' deep 30>^" high 

Drawer Dimensions (Inside Clear) 

ide 5^" high 20}4'[ deep 

- 12'^ 

- 12" 


10 H" 

20 J^" 

Typewriter Desk (Single Pedestal) 

The typewriter shelf, 243/^ inches 
wide, closes to leave the writing-bed 
unobstructed. When closed the top is 
of the same bronze-bound linoleum 
construction as other desks. Drawer 
partitions are adjustable on lA-incb 
centers. Two partitions furnished. 
General lock controls all drawers. 

Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green finish. 
Cold-drawn bronze binding strip, cast 
bronze hardware and bronze foot castings 
— all brush bronze finish. 

36" long 
Drawer - 

No. 1036 TWS 
Typewriter Stand 

24" deep 26" high 

9^" wide 3" high 15 ji" 



page 35 

HoTasixxg o£ Records 

No. 1060 F 
Economy Desk 

60" long 34" deep 30^" high 

Drawer Dimensions 
Right Pedestal (One) - 12" wide 10 H" high 19 J^" deep 

Left Pedestal (Two) 



Economy Desk 

A Lasting and conyeni- 
ent desk at a very mod- 
erate price. Simple 
construction and fewer 
drawers account for the 
saving — no detail of 
workmanship or finish has 
been slighted in any way. 
Meets the great majority 
of office needs in size, 
arrangement and price. 

Drawer arrangement 
regularly consists of one 
drawer equipped for ver- 
tical filing, in the right 
pedestal, and two storage 
drawers with partitions 
adjustable on lA-inch center, in the left pedestal. Two storage drawers 
may be had in place of the vertical letter drawer, when requested. And, the 
equipment can be two letter drawers. Storage drawers will accommodate 
standard card indexes up to 8''x 5'' size, with the necessary guides. 
Furnished in Mahogany, Oak or Olive Green finish; cast bronze hardware, brush finish. 

AUsteel Tables 

In design, construction and finish, AUsteel Tables are of the same high quality 
as the desks shown on preceding pages. They are offered primarily as auxili- 
ary equipment, to be used 
in combination with AUsteel 
Desks. AUsteel Tables do 
not show the eflPect of hard 
usage — they cannot warp 
nor come apart, drawers will 
not bind and the finish never 
wears dull or shabby. 

Furnished in Mahogany, Oak or 
OHve Green finish. Cold-drawn 
bronze binding strip , cast bronze 
hardware and bronze foot cast- 
ings^ — all brush bronze finish. 

Bookkeeper's Standing Desks 

These are built special because 
the user, in this way, is much 
better satisfied than by accepting 
standard designs which do not 
exactly fill his requirements. 

From your own idea we will 
make up a design and estimate 
promptly. The desk is then pro- 
duced in a very short time. 

No. 20^8 TD 
No. 2072 TD 

Office Table 

long 34" deep 303^" high 

48" long 34" deep 

72" long 34" deep 

my/' high 
303^" high 

19H" wide 

Drawer Dimensions 
2H" high 

23" deep 

All drawers are the same size. No. 2048 TD has one drawer; 
all the other tables have two drawers. Also made without draw- 
ers— No. 2060 T, No. 2048 T and No. 2072 T. 


page 36 

THE demand for office equipment that can be added to, subtracted 
from and adjusted to new conditions, that are constantly arising in 
a present day office, is a reaUty and not a vision. We are showing 
on this page, from actual photographs, the ease with which your office equip- 
ment, if of the Allsteel Line, may be changed to meet a new requirement. 
The Allsteel products are not alone single units, but they are as well inter- 
related. They can be joined, cutting down space required, to make an up- 
to-the-minute filing, storage or daily use unit. 

The New Intermembering Feature Illustrated 

In the Illustration below, the man is taking the first step toward placing 
on the Wydesteel base a U-nette letter file and document storage section. 

As shown below, 
he has placed a 
Wydesteel reduc- 
ing top over the 
letter and docu- 
ment files and is 
adding U-nette 
legal blank and 
storage drawer 
sections. On top 
of these he will 
place the Wyde- 
steel bookcase and 
a Wydesteel top. 

The stack is now 
complete. The 
unity and strength 
of the construc- 
tion and inter- 
membering fea- 
tures are plainly 
evident from the 
standing on end 
of the stack with- 
out loosening the 
joints. The stack 
does not have to 
be pulled apart to 
be moved. 

An office or 
factory truck 
may be used 
in transport- 
ing this stack. 


page 37 

Moiasing o£ Records 

Wydesteels. The Intermembering Feature 

Combinations of filing devices in the Allsteel Line are not Kmited to a few— 
there are many, because this fine has been brought out to adapt itself to any 
business. There are two Knes of sectional cases on which to draw in the 
making of the many combinations. 

Notice stack below, composed of two Wydesteel sections, four U-nette sec- 
tions and Wydesteel base, top and reducing top. Liberal fifing space for 
plats, drawings, letters, documents, index cards and legal blanks. Minimum 
space. Convenient height. 

This stack is solidly built. It may 
be moved without unstacking. These 
are stock sections. You see them here 
fitted to a special need. The high and 
almost prohibitive cost of such a stack 
built to special order is avoided. 

The valuable Allsteel constructional 
detail, interlocking device, holds these 
units firmly together. Such a combi- 
nation or stack may be tipped on edge 
or moved about. No tools to use in 
building up or separating the units. 

Photographs at bottom of this page 
show the buttons that are provided on 
the top of each piece, which engage 
hole-ended slots in the bottom of the 
piece resting above. Upper section is 
set down overhanging the section below 
— the buttons entering the holes. The 
upper section pushed backward aligns 
the fronts and locks the buttons in the 
slots. It takes a complete reversal of 
the process to separate the units. They 
become one piece of furniture as though 
built together. 

No. 32i 


page 38 

No. 29'f 
For the Credit Man 
Mercantile report file, card index 
records and book shelves for agency 
books . 

tloxasiriLg o£ Records 

Wydesteels. Suggested Combinations of 
Sections for Business Men 

That Combinations in Wydesteel sections are 
many and diversified may be gleaned from a 
study of this page, which pictorially suggests 
combinations for business men. General office 
executives, buyers, attorneys, architects, engi- 
neers, credit men, and many others will find these 
illustrations inter- 
esting because of 
the practical fea- 
tures of each com- 

Observe the sani- 
tary bases — the 
close fitting joints 
— the convenient 
height. Remember 
these units are un- 

burnable, ver- 
min-proof, and 
the combina- 
tion as a whole 
is free from 
awkward an- 
gles and dust- 
catching crev- 
ices. There is a 
smooth surface 
made by reduc- 
ing top, cor- 
nice top or 
regular top in 
each of the 
upon which 
papers, docu- 
ments, etc., 
may be spread 
for inspection. 
In the All- 
steel Line is 
no difficult operating door, drawer or shelf. Its 
key word is Adaptability, There is not a single 
business, regardless of the nature, but what is 
subject to "fitting in" possibilities of this plan- 
ned -for-the-purpose line. 

No. 292 
Useful to the Attorney 
Legal blank and document files. 

No. 293 
For Architect or Engineer 

Specification file, map and plan 
drawer, card index and bookcase. 

No. 291 
Suitable for the Buyer 
Catalog file, quotation file, card 
index and bookcase. 


page 39 

^^>^l££^X£^ HoTasixig of Records 

Wydesteels. Vertical Files 

In Offices where the correspondence is Kmited, it is best to file letters and 
documents in horizontal rather than upright files. The advantages of this 
may be summarized as allowing the office filing equipment to be in one stack, 
saving space, facili- 
tating reference, and 
economizing in filing 

This section con- 
tains two drawers. 
The drawers are 
mounted on the pat- 
ented Allsteel pro- 
gressive movement 
roller slide suspen- 

They are surprising- 
ly easy to operate. 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

WH 225 VL 
Wydesteel Vertical Letter File 

' wide 


10 U" 




Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

WS 225 VC 

Wydesteel Vertical Cap File 


15 K" 


10 H" 


25" deep 

23M" " 

Section WS 225 VC 
has two drawers. It 
takes cap size cor- 
respondence. Easy 
to operate. The 
patented Allsteel 
progressive move- 
ment roller slide sus- 
pension as used in 
the Upright Line 
insures this. The 
sections, made of 
steel, are not subject 
to climatic changes. 

The Daily Reports 
recommended by the 
National Board of Fire 
Underwriters may be 
filed perfectly and 
securely in this Wyde- 
steel Insurance Daily 
Report File. 

These reports are filed on 
end for convenience in refer- 
ence and may be consulted 
without removing them. 

Freight tariffs also are eco- 
nomically housed in this 
section which takes records 
up to 93^x 113^ inches. 

WS 225 VIF 
Wydesteel Insurance Report File 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 


' wide 

12 A" 

88/' hiKk 




page 40 

^ /U£<ite^ H o -Lx s i n g o £ R e c o r cL s 

Wydesteels. Bill and Check Files 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

WS 217 BF 
Three-dratver Bill File 

- 34%" wide 9J^ (9.88)" high 

- 9ys" " 8A" 



Unit WS 217 CF is 
particularly fitted to 
needs of banks and 
commercial houses for 
notes, checks, folded 
vouchers and other 
documents. Section- 
al arrangement per- 
mits additions. If 
used for papers of con- 
stant reference, truck 
bus (page 52) makes a 
good mounting. Units can 
then be transported from 
and to vault with ease. 
Drawers move on pan 
suspension, illustrated 
below, and may be drawn 
out full depth for inspec- 

This is the Ideal File 
for mercantile reports, 
freight receipts, in- 
voices, bills, vouchers, 
etc. It is used very 
widely by credit men 
and bookkeepers. These 
drawers have the easy 
operating device of the 
Upright Line — pro- 
gressive movement 
roller slide suspension. 

WS 217 CF 
Six-drawer Check File 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

34K" wide 

n 1 9 '/ " 



WS 217}4 CF 
Three-drawer Check File 

(One tier of drawers instead of two) 

- - - 34j^"wide 6^(6.54)" hifrli 

- - - 9H" " 4^" 

17" deep 
15" " 

17" deep 
15" " 

Illustrating the Pan Slide Suspension 

Pan Slide Suspension 
in Check File 

Here is shown the Pan Slide 
Suspension used in check file. 
This suspension is best and most 
practical for drawers of this 
size. It moves freely and 
smoothly. The support ex- 
tends under the entire weight of 
the drawer, holding it up in 
rigid alignment under heavy 

Positive general lock — para- 
centric key type — operating 
simultaneously on all drawers, 
also furnished with either of 
these sections. 


page U 


g o£ Recoi^ds 

Wydesteels. Card Index Sections 

WS 2175314 CI 
Six-drawer 5x3" Card Index Section 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

34 J^" wide 

" 32 

5 ^(5. 04) "high 

17" deep 

15 3-i" " 

WS 21753 CI 

Eighteen-drawer 5x3'' Card Index Section 

Case outside - - - 34^" wide 13 1|{ 13.72)" hi^^h 17" deep 

Drawer inside, clear - 5^" " 3^" " 15 34" 

The Allsteel Line is 
variable. It dovetails 
into present business 
and expands with 
increase in business. 

No matter what the 
problem is — volume 
space, fluctuation, econ- 
omy or permanency, 
there is a solution to be 
found somewhere in 
the Allsteel Line. 

Representatives of the 
Allsteel Line will take 
pleasure in aiding you 
to find the combination 
you want. 

These Card Index 
Drawers are solidly 
made. The sides and 
bottom are from one 
piece and the head is 
double walled. Fol- 
lower block works posi- 
tively and evenly. 

Drawers in the 5x3 
and 6x4 sections are 
furnished with strap 
bale suspension. This 
allows the contents of a 
full drawer to be exam- 
ined without least dan- 
ger of drawer dropping 
from the section. 

(Heavier drawers 
necessary for 8x5 cards 
are equipped with full 
pan suspension.) 

Case outside - - - 
Drawer inside, clear - 

WS 2176^2 CI 
Five-drawer 6 x 4" Card Index Seclion 

wide 65^(6.04)" hi^'h 

17" deep 
15M" *' 

Case outside - - 
Drawer inside, clear 

WS 2176^ CI 
Ten-drawer G x ^4" Card Index Section 

3W8[[ wide 11%(11.38)" high 





Without extra cost. Card Index 

Sections will be furnished with box type drawers. 

The standard equipment is drawers with cut-down sides. 


page 1^ 

'^/t f£^iteeA tio-msing of Records 

Wydesteels. Card Index Sections 

WS 21785% CI 
Four-drawer 8x5" Card Index Section 

Case outside - - - - - 34 J^" 
Drawer inside, clear - - - 8M' 


7^(7.29)" high 17" 


WS 21785 CI 
Eight-drawer 8 x 5" Card Index Section 

Case outside - - - 

- S4H" wide 



Drawer inside, clear 

- 8H" " 

5 A" 



WS 217 SS 

Wydesteel S tiding Shelf 

Case outside ----- 34 J^" wide 2" higli 

Each shelf 15J^" " IK" " 

17" deep 

11 M" " 

The Sliding Shelf is 
intended for use in 
stacks of card index or 
other units to facilitate 
reference to drawer 
contents, also to pro- 
vide writing surface 
when number of 
entries to be made does 
not justify removal of 
file to separate desk. 

Drawers in these sec- 
tions are supported on 
pan slide suspension, 
making them work 
even and smooth. 
Withdrawal of drawers 
under load, to extreme 
depth, is possible. This 
suspension is shown on 
page 41. 

The card index sec- 
tions on this page are 
also furnished with 
general lock — para- 
centric key type — 
operating all drawers 

The Combination shown here gives a clear idea 
of the utility of the Allsteel Line. This stack 
demonstrates how a varied card index system may 
be joined with a document or other file and both 
brought to the correct working height by the 
utilization of the lower part for the storage of 
accounting books. The sliding shelf gives the 
clerk a place to work at the cabinet. This com- 
bination secures efficiency in time and movement 
in the use of card indexes. 

Without extra cost. Card Index Sections will be furnished with box 
type drawers. The standard equipment is drawers with cut-down sides. 


page 43 

ti O TJl 

s X n 

o£ Records 

Wydesteels. Document and Legal Blank Sections 

This Section takes legal cap documents, folded or in jackets. Drawers are 
4J^ inches in width — larger than usual^to permit enclosure of papers in enve- 
lopes or heavy manila jackets. Full height follower is locked automatically at 
any point by pressure of the contents and can be released by slight forward 
pressure at the top. 

The two large storage drawers, WS 225 DFS, are mounted on the Allsteel 
progressive movement roller shde suspension. Each compartment has a 
follower block. This 
is the ideal unit for 
transferred docu- 

The section of shal- 
low drawers, WS 217 
LB is customarily 
known as a legal 
blank section be- 
cause of its being 
universally used for 
the storage of legal 
blanks. This section 
is equally suitable 
for classified storage 
of electrotypes, filing 
of drawings, photo- 
graphs, proofs, and 
all other matter of 
similar size and 
character. These sec- 
tions have recently 
become popular with 
physicians, dentists 
and opticians. ws 225 dps 

Two-drawer Triple Compartment Document Storage Section 

Case outside - - - - 34%" wide 12^(12.29)" hi^h 25" deep 

Drawer inside, clear - - 4^1" " lOM" *' 23" 

Legal Blank Drawer 

These sections can 
be furnished with 
general lock — para- 
centric key type — 
operating on all 
drawers simultane- 

Six-drawer Document File 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 







WS 217 LB 
Eighieen-drawer Legal Blank Section 

Case outside - - - _ 34>^"wide 12^(12.29)" high 

Drawer inside, clear - - 10 1^" " 1^'' 

17" deep 


page 44 

^^^^^ HL ouising a f Re c ^^Q^^,r^^^ 

Wydesteels. Roller Shelf Sections 

Roller Shelf Units in the two sizes shown on this page, with or without doors 
and locks, as preferred, are much used in handhng accounting books in actual 
daily service. The larger section is particularly useful in banks for Boston 
ledgers and other books of large size and bulk. Either section will take loose 
leaf ledgers, commercial rating books and other records. The shelves are 
adjustable by half-inch graduations to make them suitable for different 

sizes of books and 
bound records. 

The smaller unit 
mounted on a truck 
base becomes a very 
convenient desk acces- 
sory rack, saving desk 
room and economizing 
in time and effort in 
transfer of books. 

WS 217 RSD 

Roller Shelf Section with Door. Three Shelves 

This size case, seventeen inches deep, is shown with doors but also 
furnished without (WS 217 RS). 

WS 217 RS and WS 217 RSD 

wide high deep 

Case outside 34%" 12g§(12.91)" 17'' 

Net clear for books when shelves arranged 

wide high deep 

This case without doors is of same construc- 
tion as shown below, except that it has three 
shelves instead of four, and the inside clear 
depth is 16 x^". 

Roller Shelf out of Case, 25" Depth 

WS 225 RS 
Roller Shelf Section without Door. Four Shelves 

This size case, twenty-five inches deep, is shown without doors or lock, but is also 
furnished equipped with them (WS 225 RSD). 

WS 225 RS and WS 225 RSD 

Case outside 34J^" wide 19^(19.16)'' high 25'' deep 

Net clear for books when shelves ar- 
ranged equidistant 32^" " 3 34" " 24^" *' 

Furnished with doors the inside clear depth is 23J4"- 

In these Views 
of the open sec- 
tion and separate 
roller shelf, note 
side and rear pro- 
jections of shelf 
which engage in 
back and sides of 
case, making 
shelves easy to ad- 
just. Four tiers of 
rollers are provid- 
ed for each shelf — 
front row is of solid 
brass, balance steel 
tubing. They work 
in unison. No wear 
on book bindings. 


page 45 

' W^xite^ HoTjisixig o£ Records 

Wydesteels. Map, Plan, Bookcase Sections 

These Sections are very desirable for the handling of original drawings, 
blueprints, maps, plans and other large forms that are best filed flat. 

Case also furnished with general pilaster lock — paracentric key type — operat- 
ing on all drawers simultaneously. 

The most convincing appeal made to the business man by the Allsteel Line 
is its completeness — something for every purpose and every requirement most 
carefully considered. 

The question of filing devices and office equipment may be perplexing you. 
We are anxious to relieve you of all anxiety. 

Note the drawer 
which shows that 
it is provided with 
hood at rear and 
weighted flap at 

Contents cannot 
curl or become torn. 

Suspension used in- 
sures easy operation 
of the drawers and 
permits of full ex- 
tension for refer- 

This Book Section 
has a disappearing glass 
door. This section 
holds books, catalogs 
and pamphlets and 
keeps them in sight. 

The unit is popular 
with purchasing 


The glass is bound witli 
felt. The door fits 
snugly. The section is, 
therefore, dust-proof. 

No openings. Top and 
bottom solid — the All- 
steel feature. 

Outside case 
Drawer inside, clear 

WH 2^25 M and PD 
Map and Plan Drawer Case 

■ 34 J^" wide 13^(13.16)'' 

■ 32%'' " 2" 


25" deep 
23H" " 

Map and Plan Drawer 

WS 217 BC 
Glass Door Bookcase Section 

Case outside 
Net clear inside 

34 J^" wide 
- 33^8'' " 

13^(13.57)" hiKh 

17" deep 
16^" " 


pa^e 16 

Wydesteels. Storage and Locker Sections 

These Two Sections 
form the cupboard 
space so necessary for 
storage of supplies and 
miscellaneous things. 
They are sometimes 
used in vault fitting 
to take the place of 
shelving. For this pur- 
pose a better classifi- 
cation of supplies is 
secured and, too, a sav- 
ing in space. 

WS 217 P02 
Wydesieel Open Storage Section 

. - . 34K"wide 12^(12.29)" high 

Case outside - 

Net clear inside, 

each compartment - - 16" " IIH" " 16 M'' 

This section also furnished with two plain shelves, 
one to each compartment, at a small additional cost. 

Locker Section WS 
217 L2 is much used 
for the vault storage of 
semi-important and 
somewhat bulky papers 
and records. Like sec- 
tion WS 217 P02, it 
provides a cupboard 
space so essential in 
modern offices. Fur- 
nished with two plain 
shelves at a small addi- 
tional expense. 


WS 217 L2 
Wydesteel Locker Section 

Case outside 343^'' wide 12^(12.29)" high 

Net clear inside, 

each compartment - - 16'' " 11 W " 

This section also furnished with two plain shelves, 
one to each compartment, at a small additional cost. 




A Storage Stack like that shown opposite is 
becoming daily of more value. This combi- 
nation can be put in any vault. Should the 
company owning it move to another office or 
factory, or in any way change the location or 
size of their vault, the combination does not 
become obsolete. 

The use of a combination of this or a similar 
kind does away w ith depreciation or loss from 
vault changes. 

Allsteel storage sections are built for future 
usage as well as for present office require- 
ments. They are built for a specific purpose 
and to last indefinitely. 

No. 253 
♦ .4 Stack for Storage Purposes 


page 47 

'^f£^^at£:€£> HLoiasing of Records 

Wydesteels. Storage Sections 

Case outside 

Drawer inside, clear 

WS 217y2 SD 
Two-drawer Storage Section 

- - - 34K''wide 6H(6.54)"high 
- - 15 A" " 5M" 

17^' deep 
15%" " 

WS 225}i SD 
Two-drawer Storage Deep Section 

Case outside 

Drawer inside, clear - 

34 J^" wide 
15 tV" " 

6 H (6.54)" high 25" deep 
5H" " 23%" " 

These Drawer Sec- 
tions are primarily de- 
signed for storage of 
supplies. They are ex- 
ceptionally convenient 
as a file for large photo- 
graphs, stored electro- 
types in quantity, and 
for daily reports from 

branch yards and 


The drawers in 
these sections are of 
the box type — that 
is, with full height 
sides which, with the 
double wall sides of 
the case itself, gives 
three walls of steel with 

alternating air spaces, 
protecting the contents 
against fire. 

The steel shelves be- 
tween all drawers mean 
that each drawer is a 
completely separated 

WS 217 SD 
Nine-drawer Storage Section 

Case outside - - - - - 34 J^" 
Drawer inside, clear - - 10^" 


12^(12.29)" high 

17" deep 

15%" " 

No, 26^ 

A Useful Combination is shown here. The 
large drawer and cupboard sections on page 
49 make a splendid base for fihng units. The 
top of either the drawer section or cupboard 
section gives a surface for the clerk to make use 
of when working at the unit. The drawers or 
cupboard give a place for the storage of station- 
ery and kindred supplies. 

A base as shown in illustration, or with legs, 
can be used. The rigid construction and neat 
appearance of the cupboard drawer units does 
not, however, make this actually necessary. 


page 48 

H o-uLsii^Lg o£ Records 
Wydesteels. Storage Sections 

WS 225 SD 
Six-drawer Storage Section 

Case outside - - - - - - - - 34^'' wide 

Drawers inside, clear _ _ _ _ _ 15^" '* 

23^(23. 19) "high 



This and the drawer sections on opposite page are furnished when desired 
with general automatic lock — paracentric key type — operating simultaneously 
on all drawers. 

Case outside - - - - 
Each compartment, inside - 

WS 225 C 

34^" wide 


22 fk" 


25" deep 
23 ^" " 

This section is divided by middle partition into two compartments, each 
furnished with a readily adjustable shelf. This shelf is adjustable to any 
desired height by graduations of one inch. 


page 19 

Moiasing o£ Recox^ds 

l^V;S' 217 P09 

Nine Plain-Opening Section for Customers' Boxes 

Each opening will hold one large or two small size boxes 


- - 34%" 

Case outside 




Wydesteels. Customers' Boxes 

A Section in demand 
by banks and others 
who find it an advan- 
tage to afford safe 
storage for customers' 
valuables, etc. Eco- 
nomical — buy only for 
present requirements 
— add more sections as 
they are needed. Con- 
venient — stack them in 
unused vault space or 
mount on a Wydesteel 
Bus (described on page 
52) so they can be 

moved out of the vault during the day and back at night. The extreme 

flexibility of the equipment is a decided advantage and permits adaptation 

to any condition. 

Customer service can also be provided by arranging these sections inside an 

AUsteel Safe. 

A section of Wydesteel Customers' Boxes is shown above. Note the two 
sizes of boxes — either size may be used. And there are two styles — one, the 

CBX, large and small, 
which locks into the 
section — this style pre- 
ferred for bus arrange- 
ment. And, the CB, in 
both sizes, with locks 
on the lids — this style 
for use in vaults. AH 
keys different. 

Each box has a com- 
bined label holder and 

The section is of stan- 
dard AUsteel construc- 
tion and the boxes are 
neat, strong and dur- 
able. Sections and 
drawers are ready for 
immediate shipment, 
in any of the three 
standard finishes — 
Oak, Mahogany or 
Olive Green. 

No. 1. Customers'' Box 
This is the CBX Style— note 
lock for securing box in sec- 

No. 1 CBX. Locks in Section 

wide high deep 
Inside clear 5K" 3M" 15^" 

No. 2 CBX. Locks in Section 

wide high deep 

lOM" 3M" 15M" 

Inside clear 

No. 2. Customers' Box 

Illustration shows CB style 
with lock in lid. 

No, 1 CB. Lid Locks 

wide high deep 

5>4" 211" 15^" 

Inside clear 

N0.2CB. Lid Locks 

wide high deep 

Inside clear 10^ 

2W 15^" 

WS 217 B 
Four Wydesteel Customers' Box Sections 

on a Wydesteel Base 

A Typical stack for a small bank. 

Requires but four square feet of floor 

space and furnishes forty-eight small 

and twelve large boxes. 


page 50 

H o-Lxsing o£ Recox^cis 

Tops and Bases 

Tops and Bases are 
for the purpose of 
completing horizon- 
tal stacks. Bases and 
cornice tops, of course, 
add to the appear- 
ance of combinations 
even if unnecessary. 

Wydesteel units are con- 
structed with closed top 
and bottom, which fully 
insures the safety of the 
contents of the files, mak- 
ing unnecessary any sup- 
plementary means to 
to this end. 

The practical use of a 
reducing top is shown in 
the combinations pictured 
on page 39. 

Attention is drawn to the 
s treng th-g ivin g rei nfo r cement 
angles shown in the illustra- 
tions of the bases. 

WS 217 T—Seventeen-inch Top 

34J4" wide lM(l-75)" high 17 J^" deep 

Also furnished with green Hnoleum surface, bronze-bound (WS 217 LOT). 

WS 225 T~ Tweniy-five-inch Top 

MJi" wide 1" high 253^" deep 

WS 225 RT— Twenty-five-inch Reducing Top 

M%" wide 1" high 253^" deep 

The reducing top is needed only where a section seventeen inches in depth is to 
be placed over a twenty-five-inch section. 

WS 225 B — Twenty-five-inch Low Base 

WS 225 B 34 K" wide 4'' high 
WS 217 B 34%'' wide 4" high 

25"' deep 
17" deep 

This closed base is also furnished 
in seventeen-inch depth and then 
known as WS 217 B. 



WS 225 LSB 




This sanitary base is also fur- 
nished in seventeen-inch depth 
and then known as WS 217 LSB. 


WS 217 LSB 






WS 225 HSB 




Also furnished in seventeen-inch 
depth and listed as WS 217 HSB. 



WS 217 HSB 




WS 225 HSB 

Twenty- five-inch High Sanitary Base 


page 51 

^^^^..^^ o H:,.„^ i I]L.,...l o f Records 

The Wydesteel Bus 

HE WYDESTEEL BUS, a stock truck, 
offers many advantages over specially built 
equipment. Banks and others will do well 
to fully investigate the possibilities of 
assembling from stock Wydesteel and 
U-nette sections the bus arrangement they 

Change in system calling for new units is 
easily cared for by adding or substituting 
such sections as are needed. Not neces- 
sary to discard the entire bus or put up 
with inefficient equipment. And, it can 
be had immediately from stock. 


Simple and Durable. Consists of plat- 
form truck mounted on heavily tired wheels 
with the new swivel caster. The large 
wheels are of rubber and the small ones of fibre. Fibre tires for all four 
wheels can be furnished on special order. The sections desired to be trans- 
ported by the truck are stacked upon a low base upon the platform of the 
truck. They are held firmly in position by their own interlocking device. 
The end handle pieces of the truck are bolted securely over their corners. 
The end pieces are provided in two heights— 33 ^^/^ inches, caring for stacks 
from 335^ inches to 42 inches high; and 48 J^ inches to take care of stacks 
from 48^ inches to 57 inches high. In width, Wydesteels are accommodated, 
or two U-nettes may be intermembered if great variety of filing devices is 
required. (See page 37 for idea of intermembering plan.) 

Where desired, we can 
furnish a Caster Truck 
(WS 217 CT) without 
handles and suitable 
for use with not more 
than two 17-inch-deep 
sections. It is similar 
to the one here de- 
scribed, except the 
large wheels are re- 
placed with casters. 

No. 282 
For Cashier's Private Desk 

Mercantile report and document file 
and card indexes for credit records and 
confidential papers. 

No. 283 

For Teller^ s Cage 

Book Shelves, check files, voucher 

tiles and card indexes for signatures or 

other records. 


page 52 

AS IN each of the Allsteel Lines, the line of Uprights has been designed 
/% to cover only as many pieces as are really usable in everyday business 
~LjL methods. The illustration below conveys an idea of the complete Upright 
Line. Beginning at the right these sections are: — four-drawer letter file, four- 
drawer cap file, five-drawer bill file, four-drawer document file, five-drawer 
correspondence (three letter drawers and two double-compartment card index 
drawers), seven-drawer 8x5^^ card file, eight-drawer 6x4''card file, nine- 
drawer 5 x 3'' card file, twenty-drawer card file (for filing cards used in tabu- 
lating systems), and the cupboard section. 

In the design of each of these sections there is embodied the results of past 
experience. Many changes have been made since the construction of the 
first Allsteel Vertical File, and the product of today is a masterpiece. 

Besides many detailed points of excellence described in the next few pages, 
Allsteel Uprights have two points of special excellence — namely, a gain from 
15% to 30% in actual net filing capacity per square foot of floor area used, as 
compared with other types, and a frame and drawer construction so rigid as 
to stand every use and even much abuse. 

While the outside depth is but 25 inches, filing drawers have 23^ inches 
actual filing space. This great capacity is made possible by the use of a 
very ingenious follower block, which occupies less than 3^ inch of space 
because of the saving in bulk by the intelligent use of steel. 

The rigidity of the frames is notable. Angle braces at each corner, steel bars 
across the front under every drawer and electrically-welded joints through- 
out give these cases strength to meet every need — insure that they will not 
spring nor warp, that the drawer channels will always work smoothly — 
under heavy loads or even if placed on an uneven floor. 

The beauty of the design speaks for itself — ^ straight lines throughout — lines 
that speak for efficiency — simple and dignified — no useless decoration, no 
unbusiness-like trimmings, and yet each case in its clean-cut, graceful strength 
is a thing of beauty in itself. 


page 53 

HoTjising o£ Records 

Uprights. The No. 200 Line 

Battery Type 

This is a development of the vertical file that has 
been brought forth by the demand from big users 
of equipment for a file to be stacked in batteries 
and do away with the use of extra end panels. The 
solid end files, as shown on the following pages, can 
be and are widely used for this purpose, but the 
reduction in price made possible on these open end 
files makes them particularly desirable for large 
installations. They are stacked side by side, bolted 
together through the four holes shown in the frame 
and the battery completed by putting end panels 
on each end case. 

Where it is desired to separate the individual cases, sheet 
steel dividers are furnished to slip between the cases. Held 
in place by the bolts connecting the cases, they are invisible 

from the outside, and 
make of each case a 
separate file. 

While these dividers are 
not always used and 
are not a necessity 
they insure privacy for 
any particular file, keep 
out dust from adjoining 
cases when drawers are 
open, and yet add a 
merely nominal figure 
to the cost. 

No, W^ VL 
Four-drawer Letter File 

No. 20^ VLL 
Same File with L/yck 

wide high 

Case outside - 13^(13.94)" 52^" 
Drawers inside, 
clear - - - 12" 


No. 20^ VC 
Four-drawer Cap File 

No, 20^ VCL 
Same File with Lock 

Case outside 
Drawers inside, 

clear ~ - - - l^H 

17 1^(17.19)" 





10 1^" 23^" 

The same end panels ^^^^^ 12" ioh" 23y, 

are used on these cases 
as on the No. 100 Line, and where double end panels are 
desired for the additional protection afforded a combina- 
tion of the sheet steel divider and the end panel will give 
the desired result. 

These cases are made only in the letter and legal cap 
sizes, as illustrated on this page, and are furnished with 
or without lock, in Olive Green, Oak or Mahogany finish. 

Where sanitary bases are desired, the leg units, shown 
on page 63, are readily attached. 

This line retains the same characteristic rigidity as the 
balance of the AUsteel Line — is, in fact, identical in 
construction with the exception of the omission of the 
end panels. 

Because of the extra end panels required, this file is 
economical for use in batteries of two or over, unless it 
be stacked between solid end cases already in use. 

The No. 200 Line is of same dimensions as the No. 100 
Line, and is built to stack in battery with it. Consider- 
able economy may be effected by the judicious combina- 
tion of these lines. 


page 54 

HoTjising o£ Records 

Uprights. The No. 100 Line 

Solid End Uprights 

Vertical filing cases with detachable ends 
are not new, but a case where use of this 
detachable end is optional is a departure that 
has met with much favor. In the No. 100 
Line of Allsteel Uprights this is accom- 
plished by making all cases with solid ends 
— finished complete to match the rest of the 
case. This means that each file is complete 
in itself with or without the detachable end 
panels and that nearly two inches in width 
is saved by this type of construction. 

Stacked in battery each case has the pro- 
tection of its own side walls as well as of 
the sections beside it. 

The Optional End Panels 

The optional double end panels may be attached to any individual case or to 
the end cases only, if desired, where stacked in battery. They are attached 
quickly and without tools. Four bolts, tightened with thumb screws and 
concealed within the case, fasten them securely into place as though a per- 
manent part of the cabinet itself. These panels are interchangeable, there 
being no lefts or rights. 

Special Features 

The space-saving feature of the No. 100 cabinet is the most marked of any 
"complete within itself" cabinet today built. It is as compact as is possible 
to make a file of its strength and rigidity and containing the drawer mechan- 
ism which this case contains. Never less than two inches in width is the saving 
it affords, and often considerably more than that when compared with the 
bulky wood case. 

The No. 100 Line is complete in that it cares for all standard requirements in 
upright files. Each case in the line is built to meet a known need. 

Drawers, all hung on steel roller-bearing suspensions, run easy and with 
practically no noise. 

Dust lips over every drawer cause them to fit closely and protect their con- 
tents completely. Smooth-running but absolute-locking follower blocks make 
neatness in filing a mere detail. 

The frame construction of this case is very rigid. Every joint is folded and 
electrically welded. Every corner is strongly reinforced and all outside 
corners are acetylene welded to prevent splitting or rough edges. 

Steel bars underneath every drawer give added strength and keep the sus- 
pension channels, on which the drawers run, in perfect alignment. Drawers 
are fitted perfectly and cannot stick or bind. 


page 55 

No. lOU VL 
Four-drawer Letter File 

No. iOU VLL 
Same File with Lock 

Case wide 

outside- 13 H(13-94)'' 

clear - 12" 

S2ys" 25 

lOM" 23%" 

flOTjising o£ Recoi^ds 

Uprights. The No. 100 Line 

Four-drawer Letter File 

This case is the standard size for letter filing, lines 
up in height and depth with all other Allsteel 
Uprights and in depth with both Wydesteels and 
U-nettes, as shown elsewhere in this book. 

Occupying but a little over two square feet of floor 
space, it gives filing capacity of practically eight 
feet, a multiplication of floor value by four times. 

Clear space shown is actual filing space exclusive of 
follower block. 

We know of no more popular file than this one. In 
thousands of offices in every part of the country 
it has won the praise and approval of practical busi- 
ness men. A quality product. 

May be furnished with 
either type of base and 
With automatic general 

Four-drawer Cap File 

This cap size case differs 
from the letter file only 
in width and size of pa- 
pers accommodated. It 
is designed to take all cap 
sizes or legal papers and is 
much used by lawyers 
and legal departments for 
that purpose. 


We can strongly recommend it as possessing every 
detail of construction and convenience that lends 
itself toward ease of operation, attractive appear- 
ance and complete satisfaction in use. Its useful- 
ness is universal — in every office there is a place 
and a need for this case. 

Purchasing agents will find it a convenient file for 
contracts and catalogs. 

Many architects are using it for filing plates 
clipped from the architectural papers. 

May be furnished with either roller or leg base and 
with automatic general lock. 

No. iO/i VC 
Four-drawer Cap File 

No. lO'i VCL 
Same File with Lock 

Case wide hi^'h 

outside -17 1^(17.19)'' 52% '^ 


dear - 15H" 10 H" 




page 56 

^^<f££^te^ Mo-LxsirLg of Record. 

Uprights. The No. 100 Line 

Document Storage File 

The Document File, shown below, is of the same 
general construction as the letter files, except that 
each drawer is divided into three compartments of 
the proper size to take folded legal documents and 
each compartment is furnished with an independent 
follower block. 

This case affords 276 filing inches — a large capacity 
for the floor space it occupies. 

Very widely used as a part of stock vault equipment. 

May be fitted with either roller or leg base and with 
automatic general lock. 

Many other points of value will be found in this file 
upon examination. The details of construction are 

dependable — the exte- 
rior is richly enameled, 
and the brass fixtures 
lend added elegance to 
this superior product. 

No. im vcu 

Correspondence File with Two 

Double-compartment Card 

Index Drawers 

No. 105 VCUL 
Same File with Lock 




Case outside, 13H(13.94) 

Letter draw- 
ers, inside, 12'' 

Card index 
inside - 5K" 3K 



10 H" 23^" 


No. 10^ DFS 
Four-drawer Document Storage File 

No. 10^ DFSL 
Same File with Lock 

Case outside - 16^(16.88)" 
Each compartjnent, 
inside - - - ^W' 

high deep 

52^" 25" 

1034" 23" 

Correspondence File 

The Correspondence 
Fi le c on- 
tains three 
drawers for 
vertical letter 
filing and two 
double com- 
drawers for 
5 X 3'' index 

It is used particularly 

where the filing system 

requires a cross index either by subjects or by 

names, as in geographical or numerical systems. 

Even where ordinary alphabetical arrangement of 

files is used, the cross reference is very valuable. 

Card compartments will hold a total of over nine 
thousand cards, so that one of these units to four 
four-drawer letter files will meet ordinary require- 
ments and prove far handier than using a separate 
box for the index. 

Can be furnished either with roller or leg base and 
with automatic general lock, which will include 
card drawers in its operation. 


page 5( 

'^S^fCC^tee^ Moiasing of Record 

Uprights. The No. 100 Line 

The Tabulating System File 

Many large concerns have in the past few years 
adopted the Tabulating System as a means of keeping 
accurate and readily available data regarding sales, 
production and other parts of their business. This 
section — No. 120 VH — was particularly designed 
under the supervision of the Tabulating Machine 
Company to care for the card records obtained by the 
use of this system. The ready use of these cards 
demands that they be kept in good condition at all 
times, and AUsteel is found their best protector. This 
case holds more than 60,000 cards (7^^ x V/i inches) 
and guides, and is already in use by many large 
operators of this system. 

These drawers are not hung on roller suspensions as 
they must frequently be removed from the case. 

A strong, simple, easy- 
operating angle suspen- 
sion is used. 

It can be fitted with leg 
or roller base or auto- 
matic general lock. 

No, W5 VB 
Five-drawer Bill File 

(Shown here with End Panels) 

No. 105 VBL 
Same File with Lock 


Case outside, 11 H(ll 82)' 
Drawers in- 
side, clear - 9%" 

high deep 

52^" 25" 


No, 120 VH 
Twenty-drawer Tabulating Unit 

No. 120 VHL 
Same File with Lock 

wide high 

Case outside - 18^(18.29)" 52^" 
Drawers inside, clear 7 M" 3J^" 



Bill File 

This case will take 
papers up to 9% x 73^ 
inches, and is designed 
as a file for mercantile 
reports, freight bills, in- 
voices, bills, receipts, 
vouchers, etc. Credit men, auditors and traffic 
men find it a splendid file for private office use. 

It is identical in construction features with other 
units of this fine, its only difference being the 
five drawers instead of four. This gives a clear 
filing space of practically ten feet for only two 
feet of floor space occupied. 

At small extra cost, partitions can be placed in 
drawers, making two compartments, each fitted 
with follower block. This 
equipment houses eco- 
nomically bank pass 
books and other records. 

Can be fitted with leg 

or roller base or with ^ . ,, .„^ ,.^ ... 

. . . Ill Drawer of No. 105 VB with 

automatic general lock. Partition and Follower Blocks 


page 58 

'^^^f££^^^ MoTjising o£ Records 

of the con- 
tents of a 
case of 
this kind 
makes it 
a vital 

The Roller 
No,i09-53Ci Suspen- 

s i o n is 
another exclusive feature in the 
Allsteel Line. Where cards 
must be referred to frequently, 
this is a decided convenience. 
The easy-running qualities of 
the Allsteel Suspension save 
much time and temper. 

Each compartment is furnished 
with an automatic compressor, 
easy to operate and absolute in 
its locking. 

A label holder is provided for 
each compartment — and a gen- 
erous one — not skimped in size 
or material, but with ample 
room for the descriptive matter 

Cases are ordinarily furnished 
without rods, but round rods 
for each drawer may be had at 
a slightly increased cost. 

Uprights. Card Index Units 

The cases shown on this and the following page are for 
users of large numbers of index cards, where economy of 
floor space is a feature. 

These cabinets have double-compartment drawers car- 
ried on the Allsteel Patented Roller Suspension. Every 
drawer is provided with a dust lip. 

Between all drawers across the front of the 
case is a steel bar to insure perfect alignment 
and give the necessary rigidity to a case of 
this kind. 

This is the only Card Index Upright made 
which has this feature, and the great weight 

No. 108-6^ CI 

Eight-drawer Card Index 

for 6x k*' Cards 

No. m-6^4 CIL 
Same File with Lock 

Case outside, 

wide high 

14iV(14.44)'' 52^" 
Compartments inside, 

wide high 

6^'' 4 A" 

Capacity: About 36,000 cards 
with guides. 



No. 109-53 CI 

Nine-drawer Card Index 

for 5x3" Cards 

No. 109-53 CIL 
Same File with Lock 

Case outside, 

wide high deep 

12iV(12.44r 52^" 25" 

Compartments inside, 

wide high deep 

5 A" 3 A" 23" 

Capacity: About 40,000 cards 

with guides. 


page 59 

H OTJising a f Records 

Uprights. Card Index Units and Check File 

Card Index Units 

These cases have all the constructional features of the 
No. 100 Line — each case a unit in itself or readily 
stacked in battery with other upright sections. 

They are very desirable in mail order houses where large 
lists are constantly used; in advertising departments of 
any business where follow-up lists are maintained; in 
accounting and credit departments; in purchasing depart- 
ments; in many retail stores — particularly those carrying 
a large number of accounts; in municipal departments; 
in fact, in any office where card records in any quantity 
must be kept, and kept safely and in good order. 

In comparison with their utility, the price will be found 

insignificant. In buying one 
of these Allsteels you purchase 
a card index fde of lifetime 
service. It means a single in- 
vestment. No matter how 
long the business endures this 
equipment will prove its qual- 
ity, constructive value and 
adaptability every year that 
you use it. 

Furnished in Olive Green, 
Oak or Mahogany linishes, 
with or without general lock 
and with either leg or roller 
base, where desired. 

No. 108 CF 

Eight-drawer Check File 

No. 108 CFL 

Same File with Lock 

Case outside, 
wide high 

11M(U.81)" 525^" 
Drawers inside, 
wide high 

9K" 4A" 




No, 107-85 CI 

Seven-drawer Card Index 

for 8x5" Cards 

No, 107-85 CIL 
Same File with Lock 


wide high 

Case outside - 18,^(18.44)'' 525^" 25' 

inside - - 8^" 5^" 23" 

Capacity: About 32,000 cards with guides 

Check File 
Thts Check File, like card in- 
dex units, is economical in floor space it consumes. 

The eight drawers, carried on AUsteel Patented 
Roller Suspension, each have a clear filing depth 
of twenty- three inches. 

Automatic, easy-operating compressors keep papers 
upright, and the extra rigidity built into this section 
insures long and efficient service under any condition . 

Label holders are of generous size. 

Stacks in batteries with any case in the Upright 

Furnished in Olive Green, Oak or Mahogany fin- 
ishes, with or without general lock and with either 
leg or roller base, where desired. 


page 60 

^^^€£^te€£, Ho-msing of Records 

iVo. i TL- 

Case outside 
Case inside 

-Letter Size, Gross Weight 26 lbs. 
- 12 H" wide 12^" high 25" deep 


No. i TC~Cap Size. Gross Weight 30 lbs. 

Case outside - - 16^" wide 12^" high 25'' deep 
Case inside - - 15^" " lOM'' " 24^" " 

No. 1 TB 

Case outside 
Case inside 

-Bill Size. Gross Weight 22 lbs. 

' wide 9 If" high 25" deep 

24M" " 

10 H" 

9 If" 

No. i TLSR—Ledger Sheet Size. Gross Weight 33 lbs. 

- 13Jir"wide 14^" high 25" deep 

- 12M" " 12H" " 24^" " 

Case outside 
Case inside 

This Ledger Sheet Section is regidarly equipped with drawer 
rollers, otherwise is exactly the same as the standard Allsteel 
Transfer Case. 

^J^^^^^^^ Transfer Cases 

A Big percentage of filing equipment in every 
business houses transferred or semi-current 
papers. These records are important^no busi- 
ness man would think of dispensing with them. 

They should be housed with the same idea of 

easy reference, safety and convenience as current 

records — in Allsteel Transfer Cases. 

Four Allsteel cases hold as much as 
five wooden sections, and the cost is 
the same. Cases may be stacked to 
any height. In a test, these Allsteel 
Transfer Cases were stacked 18 high, 
each drawer loaded with 50 pounds, 
and the drawer in bottom section 
operated as freely as the one in top 
section. Also, the stack was rigid. 
This demonstrates rigidity and 
strength of Allsteel Transfer Case 

Channel steel frame entirely sur- 
rounds case at both ends. To it, top, 
sides and bottom corner strips are 
electrically welded. 

Channel legs on each 
section interlock 
with frame on next 
lower section when 


Showing Location of 
Drawer Roller 

stacked, holding 
them securely together, and form a sanitary 
base for bottom section, saving the cost 
of a separate base. 

For binding together sections in large 
installations, cases can be bolted together 
through holes in the top and bottom of 
each section, and stacks can be joined by a 
simple sheet metal part which will be 
furnished when desired, at small extra cost. 

The drawers are cold-formed, flanged and 
electrically welded. Head, body and back 
are so securely joined that they are strong as though made from 
one piece. When desired, drawers can be equipped with follower block, 
and two drawer rollers, one on each side at front, in frame of case. 

Cap size drawers can be divided by lengthwise partitions, inserted at 
small extra cost, into three compartments (each complete with fol- 
lower block) and letter and bill size cases into two compartments, to 
provide filing space for pass books, etc. 

Made in four sizes. Furnished in Olive Green only, labels and pulls 
of steel are given the same coating. 

Cases, Stacked 


page 61 


"^^^^^^^^^^^ M \Ji s ±T\ g o £ R o c o r d s 

No. iOi CS 
Cupboard Section 

wide high deep 

Case outside, 21^(21.50)'' 52^" 25" 
Case inside, 20^" 47 K" 23 H'' 

No. 101 PS 
Plain Shelf for Cupboard Section 

No. 101 BS 
Poller Shelf for Cupboard Section 

No. 101 PSH 

Plain Shelf with Double Pronged 

Coat Hooks Attached 

Uprights. Cupboard Section 

This section is built to meet the demand for a 
locker or storage case to stack up with the 
Allsteel Upright Line. It may be used as a 
small wardrobe — fitted with shelf and coat 
hooks as shown below; as a storage vault for 
books and ledgers, when fitted with roller 
shelves described on this page, or for the storage 
of miscellaneous articles which must be kept 
under lock and key. It can be fitted with plain 
shelves— illustrated below — adjusted to any 
desirable spacing on 1-inch centers by means of 
the locking strips in each side of the section. 

Furnished with or without door. When door is omitted, 
section is designated No. 101 PO. 

Like other Allsteel Uprights, this section is made very 
rigid by extra bracing and electrically-welded joints. 
Door of heavy plate, with T handle and lock, gives 
ample protection against sneak thieves, under all ordi- 
nary conditions. 

The leg bases as shown _ 

on page 63 can be used 

with this section, but 

the roller base cannot 

be used. Furnished 

with or without extra 

detachable ends, in 

Olive Green, Oak or 

Mahogany finishes. 

Pr^iN Shelves, Roller 
Shelves or Plain Shelves 
with hooks, as illustra- 
ted, can be placed in 
this section. Spaced 
to suit, by steps of one 
inch. Fastened in a 
simple manner so read- 
justing interior ar- 
rangement is easily and 
quickly done. 

Roller Shelf has twelve 
rollers — two in front, 
of brass. These carry 
entire weight of books 
and save wear on bind- 

The shelf with hooks is 
used at the top of the 
Cupboard Section 
where it is desirable to 
use the case for ward- 
robe or locker purposes. 

No. iOl PO 
Open Storage Section 


Case outside, 21 H(21.50) 
Case inside, 20 1^" 






page 62 

HLoTasing o£ Recoi^ds 

Uprights. New Sanitary Leg Units and Roller Base 

New Sanitary Leg Units 

This feature for the provision of sanitary bases for all pieces of the Allsteel 
Upright Line is new and unique. It is the most inexpensive method of 
mounting filing cabinets in the sanitary fashion which is coming to be recog- 
nized as a necessity in every well-furnished office. 

These legs make it unnecessary to buy individual and complete bases for each 
cabinet. Buying only the exact number of legs required saves much of the 
waste and the unsightly appearance of duplicate bases. 

Note]Rigidity of Cases 
and Leg Bases 

No. 100 I — Intermediate Leg Unit 

Fits front or back as a supporting 
and locking feature at the junction 
of any two pieces in the line. 

No. 100 C— Corner Leg Unit 
This single leg will fit any corner of any 
piece in the line. Tightening of the bolt 
shown is the only fastening adjustment. 

There are but two styles of these leg units, corners and intermediates, yet they nieet every 
need of the old-style leg bases, and becoming, as they do, an integral part of the cabinet itself, 
they even add to its rigidity. 

There are no lefts or rights, fronts or backs. A corner unit will fit any corner of any cabinet 
in the line and will mount flush with the sides whether single or double wall ends are used. 

Intermediates are used only where two cases are stacked together and then, placed under 
their junction Hne, a pair of these legs serves the double purpose of support and locking device 
to hold the cases together. Here they add greatly to the strength and service stability of the 
entire battery. 

Corner Units should be bought in sets of four ; intermediates in pairs. In building up a battery, 
the corners used with the first case will always serve for the outside corners. ^ Then as new 
cabinets are added, one new pair of intermediates with each new file is all that will be required. 

But one size is made — height 5 inches. 

Roller Base 
This base is made of various sizes to fit every 
section of the Uprigbt Line, except the Cup- 
board Section (Nos. 101 CS and 101 PO). It 
serves the same purpose as the leg units above 
— that is the elevation of the file above the floor 
to give sanitary base effect, and at the same 
time it permits the moving of the file very 
easily from one part of the office to another. 
It is particularly desirable in the case of files 
which must be kept in a vault at night but 
which are in use constantly during the day. 

Roller Base—RB 

Owing to the different sized bases re- 
quired for various sections, it is neces- 
sary, in ordering, to state the section 
for which the base is to be used. Do 
this by using symbol of section itself 
and adding letters "RB." Thus No. 
104 VLRB would mean a roller base 
to fit the No. 104 Vertical Letter File. 


page 63 

^^ ^^^^_H o -ui s iiag of Records 

Uprights. Constructional Features 

Progressive Roller Suspension 

This AUsteel Progressive Roller Sus- 
pension is used on all drawers of the 
Upright Line (except the 120 VH) 
and on all large drawers in the Wyde- 
steel and U-nette Lines with the 
exception of the WS 225 SD. In this 
suspension the drawer slide starts at 
the same time as does the drawer, but 
moving at only half the speed of 
the drawer, bears its share of the load 
for the entire distance. 

Progress ive Roller 


Note the position of the steel rollers — 

eight in all — two on the drawer, one on either side at the rear and six on the suspension 

channels— three on each side. These are all machine-tooled solid steel — no composition 
or fibre used. 

Under the heaviest service this suspension will always move smoothly and easily, holding the 
drawer always rigidly in alignment. A factory test of over one hundred thousand in-and-out 
movements failed to show any wear or depreciation in its working qualities. 

Drawer Construction 

Sides and bottoms of the drawers in this Une are shaped from one piece of steel, welded to the 
drawer heads, which are made double walled for added strength and security. A center rod 
to hold guides is located in a formed channel groove in the drawer bottom and fastens in place 

by a screw head knob on the drawer front. It 
Showing the Thinbui Very can be removed without disturbing the vertical 
Efficient Follower Block position of the files as it works independently 

of the follower block. 

All joints are electrically welded, making this 
practically a one-piece drawer. 

Follower Block 

The Follower Block is designed with three 
objects in view — easy running, absolute locking, 
and space saving. It runs in grooves along the 
upper edges of the drawers, and is provided with 
sliding plates to equalize the movement and pre- 
vent sticking. It locks securely at any point by gripping the drawer edge tightly at either 
side with small vice-like jaws operated by the central lever, which is accessible, however full 
the drawer may be. The entire mechanism of this block 
occupies only about one-quarter of an inch of filing space. 

AUsteel Automatic General Lock 

This Lock operates from the front of the case and cannot 
be opened by any of the simple expedients by which the 
old-type gravity lock may be picked. It is a paracentric 
Yale lock with an automatic control. The keyhole is 
located in a push button and the pushing of this button 
alone locks the case. It is operative whether or not all 
drawers are closed, though if lock be in operation drawers 
held out are automatically locked when they are closed 
and the key is required to open them. The man with 
the key can set the lock at any time and the clerk can 
later close the drawers which will then lock themselves. 

The AUsteel Automatic General Lock 


page 64 

The ^J"^^^ Economy File 

This Economy File approaches so nearly the price of 
a wooden file that after a full comparison of the two, 
the buyer generally chooses the Economy. It com- 
bines the good qualities of steel — extra strength, 
rigidity, fire protection, and long service — with popu- 
lar prices. Truly an economy file, 

A plain, rugged, every-day file and made to give true 
service in every sense of the word. In construction 
it is electrically welded in every part. The sides are 
formed around the back, top and bottom, making 
flanges which result in a file of such construction as 
to withstand severe service tests. 

Drawers are folded sides and bottom from one piece 
of steel and then electrically welded to double-walled 
heads. Makes a cabinet 
of long life and satisfac- 
tion, yet these are only a 
few of the numerous 
points of value contained 
in the case. 

No. 30'4 VL 
Four-drawer Letter File 

No. 30'i VLL 
Same File with General Lock 

Case wide high deep 

outside, 14 H( 14.69) "52-%" 25" ■ 
clear - 12" 10H"23K" 

Drawers move on a 
strong, easy-operating 
suspension, designed spe- 
cially for this file. Under 
heavy test, it has with- 
stood severe strain and 
proved its worth. Follow- 
er block is very thin, easy 
to operate and locks at 
any point. 

The Economy File is simple and plain but lacks 
none of the essentials of a durable and efficient 
cabinet. It has a good appearance and will en- 
dure. It is just the kind of a file that appeals to 
many present-day business men. 

Finished in Olive Green, Oak and Mahogany. 
Oven-baked enamel of flint-like hardness which, 
being non-porous, will not absorb grease or grime. 

Made in Letter and Cap sizes only. General lock 
can be had when desired. 

Furnished with either roller or leg bases when so 

The Economy File fits in with and can be used in 
batteries formed by any cases in the Upright Line. 

Four-drawer Cap File 

No. 30^ VCL 
Same File with General Lock 

Case wide high deep 

outside, 17A|(17.94)" 52?i" 25" 

clear - 15^" lOH" 23^" 


page 65 

Counter Height Units. The No. 900 Line 

A COMPLETE line of units of counter height are here presented for 
your consideration. In construction they are very similar to the 
regular Upright line. The sections include files in Letter and Cap 
size, Map Sections with or without roller curtain, and Cupboard Sections with 
and without doors. There is also a Map and Plan Drawer Section, Gate and 
Corner units. 

All sections are 42^' high by 30^' deep, outside dimensions. They are made 
with solid ends (no end panels necessary) and stack snugly together. 

Counter Height Uprights are fitted with heavy green linoleum tops, making 
a long-wearing and sanitary working surface. Tops have A" overhang front 
which gives a battery of these units a very counter-like appearance. 

All sections have cold-drawn bronze binding strips and bronze hardware with 
brush bronze finish. 

The sections, while illustrated in Olive Green, can also be furnished in 
Mahogany or Oak. The finish is the same high-grade, oven-baked, hand- 
rubbed enamel as is used on the entire line of AUsteel. 

The Uses of Counter Height Uprights 

These Upright Sections answer a variety of 
long-felt needs. Many corporations and 
Government, State, County and Municipal 
officials have heretofore been obliged to place 
their specifications for such equipment with 
manufacturers who built it to special order. 
Now their needs can be promptly met in this 
complete AUsteel Counter Height Line, from 
stock. No waits or delays. 

Insurance Offices, City, County, State and 
National Offices; Public Service Corporations 
including: Waterworks, Electric Light, Gas 
etc., and Clubs, Hotels, Association Buildings, 
Colleges, General Offices, Libraries, etc. — in 
fact, wherever a counter is needed, these 
handy units can be arranged to make neat 
and practical equipment that furnishes the 
maximum of storage space. 


page 66 

^^:f££^Me£, H Q^asixxg o£ Record 
Counter Heights. Letter and Cap File 

Letter File 

This three-drawer Counter Height File holds letter 
size papers. Its deep drawers will hold a large 
quantity of records while the floor space it consumes 
is exceedingly small. The drawers in this file, as 
well as in the Cap size file, move on a new type of 
easy- operating roller suspension and a very thin 
and efficient follower block is used. 

The case is complete in itself — requiring no end 
panels for finished appearance, and holes are pro- 
vided for fastening to other counter height sections. 

The top is green-linoleum covered to match the 
balance of the line. However, the same section can 
be furnished with steel top. The symbol for the 
Steel Top File in letter size is No. 903 VLS. 

Furnished with or with- 
out general lock. 

Like all Counter Height 
Sections, these Letter and 
Cap Files are rigid. Extra 
bracing and electric welding 
at all joints gives them 
great strength and insures 
a long period of efficient 
service to the user. Steel 
will not warp, crack, split 
or decay, and, it affords 
protection against fire, ro- 
dents and vermin. 

Cap File 

In construction details this Cap File is the same 
as the letter file, except that drawers are wider, 
accommodating papers in legal cap size. All 
papers of this size will fit snugly and neatly with 
sufficient lee-way to make filing easy and rapid. 

This case is also made with two styles of tops, 
the linoleum top being standard and the steel 
top the alternate. The optional top is, however, 
only a feature on these two cases in the Counter 
Height Line, designed in this way so that 
batteries of these cases not intended to furnish 
counter facilities can be arranged in the same 
manner as regular full height Uprights. 

Three finishes — Olive Green, Mahogany and 
Oak. The hand-rubbed, oven-baked enamel is of 
flint-like hardness; never ages or becomes dull. 

Furnished with or without general lock. 

No. 903 VL 
Three-drawer Letter File 

wide high deep 

Case outside, 14^(14.10)" 42" 30" 
TjJ vs. wcrs 
inside, clear 12" 10 H" 28^" 

No. 903 VLL 
Same File with Lock 

No, 903 VLS 
Letter File with Steel Top 

No, 903 VLLS 
Same File with Lock 

No. 903 VC 
Three-drawer Cap File 

wide high 

Case outside- - 17^(17.35)" 42" 
Drawers inside, 

clear- - - -15?^" 10^" 

No. 903 VCL 
Same File with Lock 

No. 903 VCS 
Cap File with Steel Top 

Same File with Lock 



page 67 

H o TJL s i n 

o£ Records 

Counter Heights. Map Cases 

No. 900 DPOC 
Map Case with Roller Curtain 

Case outside - 31^(31.75)" wide 42'' high 30" deep 
Inside, clear - 30'' " 34i^" " 27 K" " 

Roller shelves for this section, No. 900 DRS; 
plain shelves, No. 900 DPS. 

Map Case without Curtain 

This case is an exact counterpart 
of section above except that it has 
no roller curtain. Plain shelves 
are here shown, spaced for the 
storage of miscellaneous records, 
supplies or bulky books. 

The shelf adjustment is the same 
and the same style of shelves are 
used in both cases. The shelf sup- 
port is very simple and re-adjust- 
ment is only a matter of a few 
moments — no bolts or screws to 
fuss with. 

Roller Shelves are used because 
they save the bindings on books, 
but both cases are equally practical 
equipped with plain shelves. 

Map Case with Curtain 

This section solves the Plat book 
filing problem in Insurance Offices 
in a very satisfactory and economi- 
cal manner. In designing this unit, 
the clear width was made great 
enough to take the largest of this 
type of books now in use. The 
clear width of the Map Case is 30 
inches. The linoleum-covered top 
affords a working space. Bound 
volumes or other records can be 
withdrawn, consulted and replaced, 
without loss of time or waste of 
steps. The case can be fitted with 
roller shelves or plain shelves. 

The roller curtain operates easily 
and affords protection from fire and 
dust. Curtain fitted with flat-key 
Yale lock. 

Case outside 
Inside, clear 

No. 901 DPO 
Map Case without Curtain 

- 313^(31.75)" wide 42" hif,'h 



30" deep 
30" " 341^" " 29 >2" ** 

Roller shelves for this section, No. 901 DRS; plain 
shelves, No. 901 DPS. 


page 68 


HoTJising o£ Recox^cLs 

Counter Heights. Cupboard Section 

A Storage section which, if incorporated in 
any arrangement of AUsteel Counter Height 
sections, will serve a variety of purposes. 
This, for the reason that it can be equipped in 
so many different ways. 

As illustrated opposite, the section with door 
is fitted with roller shelves. Thus it offers 
secure storage space for smaller books, ledgers, 
etc. The door is complete with lock so con- 
tents of cupboard can be made absolutely 
private, if desired. 

This section can also be fitted with plain 
shelves. The adjustment for either style 
shelves is on 1^-inch centers and secures the 
shelves in place by a simple method which 
makes them easy to adjust. 

When desired, the case can be had without 
door, making an excellent open storage section 
for anything that must be kept close at hand. 

The inside clear width and depth permit the 

assembling of 
U-nette sec- 
tions within 
the case. 

The arrange- 
ment shown by 
illustration at 
the right con- 
sists of U-nette 
storage draw- 
ers on a U-nette 

Fitted with 
heavy linoleum 
top and cold- 
drawn bronze 
binding strip. 

Olive Green, 
Mahogany or 
Oak finishes. 

No. 901 PO 
Cupboard Section without Door 

wide high deep 

Case outside 19^(19.38)" 42" 30'' 

Inside clear 17^" 36^" 29 J^" 

No. 901 C 
Cupboard Section with Door 

wide high 

Case outside 19^(19.38)" 42" 

Inside clear 17 ys" 363^" 




No. 901 PO 

Cupboard Section 

With an assembly of U-nettes, consisting 

of five U-25 SD sections and a U-25 B. 


page 69 

HoTJLsing o£ Records 

No. 905 MPD—Map and Plan Drawer Section 

Case outside - - - 441^" wide 18,^(18.44)" high 30'' deep 
Inside clear - - - 42" " 2^^" " 28)^" " 

No, 905 MPDB—Map and Plan Drawer Base 

Case outside - - - 44 H" wide 3 3^(3.50)" high 30" deep 

Counter Heights. 

Map and Plan Units 

Where large drawings, 
plans, blueprints and other 
large forms must be filed 
flat, these units will be found 
very satisfactory. 

A base, a linoleum-covered 
bronze-bound top, and two 
five-drawer units make the 
assembly counter-high. 

The drawers are made with 
hood at rear and weighted 
flap in front so contents can- 
not curl or become torn. 

When desired, these units 
can be assembled into any 
height stack, independent 
of the Counter Height 

Can be furnished with gen- 
eral lock— paracentric key 
type — operating all drawers 

No. 905 MPDT—Map and Plan Drawer Top 

Case outside 44^" wide 1^(1.63)" high 30 1^" deep 


To add privacy to working space 
behind counters, a gate is neces- 
sary. The illustration opposite shows 
a neat, practical gate which has been 
designed as a part of the Counter Height 
Line of Uprights. Fitted with brass rail 
and knobs. Swings on a dependable gravity 
type hinge, which is fastened to a flat steel shape 
bolted directly to case through holes provided for 
fastening cases together. Can be hung on any 
Counter Height section, either between cases in a 
counter or next to a wall. 

Steelwork on gate coated Olive Green to match 
green cases, or maroon where it shall be used with 
Mahogany or Oak sections. 

No. 901 G 

Gate - 27" wide 42" high 


page 70 

^i— ^^^^^/^ g o£ Records 
Counter Heights. Corner Cupboard and Filler Section 

Corner Cupboard Section 

Not an inch of space need be wasted 
when building counters with these 

The unit here shown is designed 
especially for use at corners. The 
overhang of the top is the same on all 
four sides and the cupboard is square 
so the doors can face either way. 

The use of this section is clearly 
illustrated at bottom of page 66, 

Cupboard can be used as a storage 
section either with or without plain 
shelves, which can be adjusted on 
1^-inch centers. Doors equipped 
with lock. 

When assembling counters in which 
this section is used, fillers must be 
inserted between it and the case next 
adjoining. These fillers are of sheet 
metal and are furnished. The result No. 900 AC^Comer Cupboard Section 

is perfect construction. case outside- - 29^(29.81)- w^e 42- Wgh 30-^^ deep 

J- vy wii. Case inside, clear 28 iV 36^" 28}i" 

No. 900 F—Corner Filler Section 

Corner Filler 

When counters are 
arranged in corners of 
rooms or under other 
conditions where the 
working face of the 
files is so placed that 
the corner section 
shown above cannot 
be used, this filler is 

By illustration oppo- 
site, its use is clearly 
shown. The design 
conforms to the design 
of the balance of the 
line — green linoleum 
top and cold-drawn 
bronze binding strip. 

In this way every 
conceivable need in 
Counter Heights is 
provided — each one 
matching and inter- 
locking with the other. 


page 71 

S a3fe"3l 

NTIL that time comes when every 
feature of building construction and 
of office furnishing and equipment 
is of Allsteel,fire will continue, as now, 
the one great enemy of business. 
And until that time does come, as it 
surely will, the great dependence of 
business for the protection of its 
records must be the Allsteel Safe. 

The day of the ponderous, old style 
safe has passed with its need. The 
modern office building, policed by 
watchmen, requires no such heavy 
and expensive a receptacle for the 
safekeeping of valuable papers. 

Modern business records are volumi- 
nous — ^and precious. 

Protection from fire and sneak thieves ^^ for considerable quantities of these 
records — in orderly arrangement — is the demand of present day commerce. 
This three-fold need, then, guided the thought of the designers of the Allsteel 
Safe. As a result, there is no product of its kind with which it can be fairly 

It is not a mere pigeonhole shell of steel. Its interior compartments are not 
an arbitrary and inflexible assortment of partitions. 

That the safe is adaptable for the correct and orderly housing of all records is 
best shown by a consideration of the manner in which it may be used. In 
addition to the shelf equipment, which may be purchased with the safe and as 
shown on page 79, countless combinations of interior arrangement may be 
formed by the use of Wydesteels and U-nettes. The safes are built to take 
these sections in any arrangement desired. The intermembering principle 
of the U-nette and Wydesteel fines is here wonderfully effective. 

By means of these various possible arrangements the interior of AUsteel 
Safes can be built up from stock sections to suit the individual needs of 
every business man. 

Further — desired change:^> in interior arrangements are made without waste or 
inconvenience. The old sections are always available for use outside the safe 
if new ones are to replace them. 

The limits of a general catalog of this nature will not permit of an elaboration 
of aU the interesting possibilities of this fine, and to appreciate it fully the 
special Afisteel Safe Catalog should be secured or the safes themselves seen 
and examined. 


page 72 

M o Tj. s i n g 

£ Records 

Underwriters' Model j4i^[^ Safes. The No. 1000 Line 

The high degree of fire resistance of this type of AUsteel Safe is attested to by 
the guarantee placed upon it by the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. The 
label here illustrated appears on every safe of this type that is manufactured, 
which means that it is constructed exactly like the original model tested in 
the Laboratories of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. 

These tests are most severe as well as very 
thorough, and include not only the applica- 
tion of fire and heat but the working details 
and practical fea- 
tures of the safe. 
Buying a safe of 
this type means 
that you get a positive quantity of insurance. 
Investing in a GF AUsteel Safe means that 
one of these safes will pass through a fire in 
which the temperature can range in excess of 
2000 degrees and that the safe can remain in 
such heated place for a period 
of forty-five minutes without 
developing a temperature 
inside to exceed 300 degrees. 
(Paper will not burn until 
about 600 degrees.) 

This time period is what the 
Underwriters' Laboratories 
require before their seal of 
approval is placed on the 
safe. This AUsteel Safe, 
however, endured the fiery 
furnace for 80 minutes with- 
out exceeding the maximum 
temperature permissible in- 
side its walls. Therefore you 
get nearly double security 
under actual test. Such a 
trial merits your confidence. 

The table on this page gives the comparative 
temperatures recorded at the Underwriters' 
Laboratories. Note that the maximum 

temperature inside 
the safe at the end 
of 80 minutes was 
only 280 degrees — 
20 degrees less than would be permissible. 
When you stop to compare relative heat 
values you will begin to realize what this 
terrific test establishes. It means that your 
valuable papers, contracts and agreements 
are absolutely safe night 
and day when placed within 
an AUsteel Safe. No fire 
burns so fiercely (at 2020 
degrees Fahrenheit) for 
nearly an hour and a half 
without destroying all com- 
bustible matter. 

The fact that the AUsteel 
Safe stood such a test is 
convincing evidence in sup- 
port of the fact that no 
matter how intense a fire 
may be you can be sure of 
protection when depending 
on an AUsteel Underwriters ' 
Model Safe. Note the Log 
of Fire test and the remark- 
able results. 

Log of Fire Test 






of Furnace 

in Cabinet 

Degrees F. 

Degrees F. 




5 Min. 946 


10 ' 



15 - ' 



20 ' 



25 ' 



30 ' 



35 ' 



40 ' 



45 ' 



50 ' 



55 * 



60 ' 



65 ' 



70 ' 



75 ' 



80 ' 




;?. o^ 


Illustration below shows safe in 
furnace ready for Underwriters' test. 
kX left is shown safe after fire and 
stream test. At right, interior of safe 
after test. Note thermo-couples for 
measuring temperature. 


page 73 

^'^^£<iZe££, Hoxxaing o£ R ecord 
Underwriters' Model J^^^ Safe. The No. 1000 Line 

» Phantom View 





page 74 

Hoiasing of Records 

Underwriters' Model y/i^^ Safe. The No. 1000 Line 

Construction Details 

The most important detail in considering this safe is the highly fire-retardant 
insulation used in it. Directly behind the outer wall of heavy steel is a special 
composition, developed by most careful research work and numerous tests. 
This composition, found only in GF Allsteel Safes, is of putty-like consistency 
in its raw state, but when baked becomes stone-hard. This secure, fire-re- 
sisting slab is made extra strong and rigid by expanded metal reinforcement 
placed in the center of it. These insulating slabs are carefully joined at 
corners, interlock securely and they give the safe extra rigidity. 

Tightly hugging the inside steel wall of the safe is a special cellular asbestos 
lining. On each corner of the safe, separating the heavy slabs of insulation, 
are strips of cellular asbestos, which keep the two slabs in place and form 
separate dead air chambers. These air spaces, 
in addition to heavy insulation, are responsible 
for the high heat-resisting power of this safe. 

The heavy angle base, extending entirely 
around the safe, to which it is electrically 
welded, gives the safe further rigidity. 

The easy rolling casters permit free movement 
to any part of the office or building. 

The peculiarly-formed grooves or recesses on 
the doors and the safe proper form a double 
interlocking joint, which is fire-retardant, 
dustproof and watertight. 

The heavy drop handles operate at the 
slightest turn the easy-sliding bolts which 
engage the safe proper and hold the doors 
securely in place. On double safes, such as the 
Nos. 1200 and 1201, thirteen bolts secure the 
doors. On the single safes, Nos. 1050 and 1100, 
only eight bolts are necessary. 

The three-tumbler Yale combination lock puts the seal on these bolts. 

The heavy hinges swing the door freely. However, the security of the door 
is not dependent upon the hinges when the bolts are engaged. If the hinges 
were torn away from both door and safe proper, the bolts would prevent the 
doors from opening. They act merely as hardware for swinging the door. 

Interior arrangement can be made to fit any business. Standard U-nette and 
Wydesteel Sections, Roller Shelves, Plain Shelves, Pigeonhole arrangements, 
or any combination of these, can be used in building the particular interior 
that may be required for any business. 

Any of the four sizes of Allsteel Underwriters ' Model Safes can be had in OHve Green, Oak 
or Mahogany finish. The same high-grade, oven-baked, hand-rubbed enamel as is used on 
the entire Allsteel Line is employed. The safes are not only notable for their practical 
features, fire-resisting qualities and convenience, but are beautiful in appearance as well. 


No. 1200 Safe, Closed 

page 75 

'^^/xiZe^ Ho-msing of Records 
Underwriters' Model ^J'^^^ Safe. The No. 1000 Line 

TVo. iO^O — Underwriters' Model Small Single Safe 
wide 42 ^" high 26 f^ " deep 

Inside clear 

17 H" 


26 fi'' 

Fitted with U-nette Sections. 

No. 1201 — Underwriters' Model Large Double Safe 

Outside - - - 41 1^" wide 74 1^" high 26 fi" deep 
Inside clear - - 35^" *' 62" *' 19" 

One of many combinations possible in fitting this 
safe for a business requirement. 

No, 1200— Underwriters' Model Small Double Safe 

wide 62 i^" high 

Inside clear 

- 41 J^" wide 62 j^" high 26 H" deep 
" 35 K" " 50" " 19" 

A Combination interior arrangement Wydesteel and 
U-nette Sections and Roller Shelves. 


The interior 
for this line 
of safes can 
he exactly 
the sam e 
as that for 
No. 100 Line 

See page 79 
for details 
on shelves 
and parti- 
tions for 
these safes. 

No. 1100 — Underwriters* Model Large Single Safe 

Outside - - 241^" wide 62^" high 26 |i" deep 
Inside clear - 17 H" " 50" *' 19" 

iNTEmoR arrangement consists of U-nette Sec- 
tions and Shelving. 


page 76 

HoTasing of Records 

,J'^^^ Safes. The No. 100 Line 

Constructional Features 


A. Angle stiffeners at sides and back bar bracing 
at all corners, with crimped or welded joints, give the 
case a rigidity which will carry it through any service 
test. Falling walls or floors will not buckle or crush it. 

B. Holes for adjusting plain or roller shelving. 


D. Casters firmly attached — an integral part of the 



From Fire and Water 

E. Double wall construction throughout, with 
double reinforcements. Thickness of dead air spaces 
allowed — sides, 23^ inches; bottom, S}4 inches; top, 
.3 inches; back, 1^ inches; doors, 1% inches. Dead 
air space is an excellent insulation against fire, and 
this safe provides more than any other on the 
market. The use of Wydesteels and U-nettes in 
interior gives additional protection in steel walls and 
air chambers. 

F. All walls are heavily lined with asbestos as a stiU 
further security. 

G. Triple-recessed doors — ^a door construction that 
is perfect beyond any other offered. Instead of 

recesses at front side of doors only, as in other types 
of safes, the triple recesses are carried, in the Allsteel 
construction, clear around the sides, top and bottom 
of doors and frames. In addition to what this means 
for safety against fire, it ensures a dustproof fit only 
equalled by the highest priced steel safes made. 


From Theft 
H. Ten-point, Yale, three-tumbler combination lock 
with heavy nickeled handles and escutcheon. The 
security of this lock is not dependent on the hinges. 
They serve only as hardware to swing the doors in 
opening. Were they beaten off with a sledge ham- 
mer the doors would still remain immovably in place, 
held by the massive bolts which at a half turn of the 
handle are made to engage at ten different points 
(six points only are necessary on Safe No. 100) around 
the door frame on all sides as illustrated. There 
can be no access to a locked Allsteel Safe except 
legitimately or with dynamite. 

J. The finish — the same three- coat, hand-rubbed 
and oven-baked enamel finish used throughout the 
whole Allsteel Line. Stock safes are finished in 
Olive Green, Oak or Mahogany. 


page 77 

H oiasing o£ Records 

^^J4^^^ Safes. The No. 100 Line 

No. 200~Small Double Safe 

wide high 
Outside - - 42K" 60^" 
Inside, clear - 3BJ4" 50" 


No. 50 — Small Single Safe 

wide high deep 
Outside- - 24 H" 39 f^" 2^H' 
Inside, clear 17 H" 30" 19" 

ATYPICAL U-nette assortment 
in the small No. 50 Safe. 

Arrangement made up of Wydesteels 
and U-nettes intermembered, and adjust- 
able plain and roller shelving. 

No. 100 — Large Single Safe 

wide high deep 
Outside- - 24 H" 59 H" 233^" 
Inside, clear 17 H" 50" 19" 

U-NETTE sections afford large 
storage space for records, as 
arranged in this safe. 

No. 201 — Large Double Safe 

wide high deep 

Outside - - - 421^" 72 H" 23^" 

Inside, clear 





page 78 


,J^^^^ Safe Interiors 

Either No. 100 or No, 1000 Line 
Safes (of same interior dimensions) 
will take the equipment shown on this 
page exclusively or in conjunction 
with Wydesteels and U-nettes. 

Shelves of No. 18 gauge steel, folded 
on all sides — extra strong — will carry 
any service load or filing device that 
may be placed upon them. 

Adjustable partitions or uprights are 
furnished in four heights as illustra- 
ted. All shelves and partitions are 
adjustable at inch intervals, both 
laterally and vertically. 

Roller shelves for book storage can 
be had for any Allsteel Safe. In- 
numerable combinations are possible 
and all are open to change at any time. 

Filler Top 

For completing appearance of the safe interior when 
filing devices come to within an inch or so of the top. 

No. WO— Small Double Safe, Empty 

Adjustable Roller Book Shelf 

Made with four rows of rollers, the first roller in 
each being seamless brass — the remaining rollers are 
made of high-grade steel tubing. These carry books 
without wear on the bindings. 

Adjustable Horizontal Shelf 

Lugs at rear and bottom are inserted 
in holes provided in horizontal shelv- 
ing. Spring pins at top are drawn 
down to permit partition to be pushed 
to correct vertical position. 

No. 201 — Large Double Safe, with Typical Shelf Interior 

Adjustable Vertical Partitions 

Notice projecting lugs at rear, and 
simple spring bolts at sides, which per- 
mit instant adjustment at any height 
without use of tools. Holes for adjust- 
ment of vertical partitions show plainly. 


page 79 

>^^^ No. 3 Shelvine 

THIS shelving is simple, easily adjusted, strong and durable. All parts 
are interlocking and interchangeable, thus shelving is held rigidly 
together without the use of bolts or screws. The re-arrangement or trans- 
ferring of equipment is the work of minutes, not hours. 

Shelves are held in place by bar 

supports which enter slots in up- 
rights. To change the position 
of a shelf, it is simply necessary to 
remove the shelf, re-adjust the bar 
supports and put the shelf back 
into position again. The operation 
is simple and requires no tools. 

Every part is expertly made to fit 
like clockwork — simple, strong, 
sure. Put it up — take it down — 
re-erect it in another building. 

Allsteel No, 3 Shelving can be 
furnished in any height up to 18 
feet, on short order. 

Standard and stock sizes shown on page 
83. Standard finish, OHve Green. Special 
finishes to order. 

By combining 
the standard- 
ized parts in 
the line of All- 
steel Adjust- 
able Shelving, 
can be formed, 
making shelv- 
ing for every 

Two sections of shelving with same shelf 
spacing. Only one set of uprights required 
for each section added to the first. 

This Allsteel No. 3 Shelving is particularly adaptable to the 
needs of retail stores, warehouses, stock rooms and in offices, 
vaults, etc. Its easy adjusting features insure adaptability to 
the requirements, no matter how conditions may change. It 
eliminates repair bills — will not decay, cannot burn. Allsteel 
Shelving is economical. 

On the following pages, the simple parts of Allsteel Shelving 
are illustrated and fully described. Note how complete shelv- 
ing can be equipped and how accurately it can be fitted to 
your purpose. This is only one additional feature to complete 
adaptability found in the Allsteel Line. 

Let us assist in planning your shelving requirements. Tell us 
your problems — the various lengths of uprights and dimensions 
of shelves will enable you to get just the equipment you require. 

Shelving with 
back and partition. 


page 80 

H OTasing of Records 

Showing method of attaching 
bin sides. Note bar supports on 
which bin sides securely fit. 

No. 3 Shelving 

Allsteel Shelving affords more advantageous 
storage and display of merchandise, increases effi- 
ciency and saves space, whether used in stock rooms, 
sales floors, warehouses, vaults or offices. 

A few of the many uses 
to which it can be put 
are shown in illustra- 
tions on this page. 

Note the bins in stack 
at bottom of page — these 
are formed from stand- 
ard bin sides, fronts and 
backs and fastened by 
simply interlocking, 
forming a tight, snug 

At top of this page, on 
the right, is shown a 
typical vault stack — 
standard Wydesteel 
document files at the 
upper part and a section 
of Wydesteel storage 
drawers at the bottom 
part — plenty of shelving 
space for miscellaneous 
storage purposes in the 
center of this stack. 

Posts are heavy drawn 
channel body assembled 
inside lighter steel cas- 
ing, giving maximum 

Inside channel slotted 
two inches on centers to 
take the bar supports 
for shelving. 

These are standard con- 
struction specifications 
used by us in making 
our quality shelving. 

A Typical vault stack of shelv- 
ing. Shelves can be adjusted to 
any height on 2 -inch centers. 

One bay of shelving with bin 
sides, fronts and backs. Prac- 
tical storage space for small arti- 
cles. When desired, two or more 
standard bin equipments can be 
placed one above the other, in- 
creasing the depth of bin. 

Detail of post construction. 
Note slots for bar supports. Each 
post provided with foot casting 
for fastening to floor and cap 
casting at top to give it a fin- 
ished appearance. 

Size of assembled column, 2''x l'^ Can be 
supplied in any length up to 18 feet on short order. 

Standard and stock sizes are shown on page 83. 


page 81 

'^^^fC£^t€££, HoTasing of Record 

^J^^^^ No. 3 Shelving 

The convenience and easy adjustment of Allsteel Shelving is particularly 
appreciated in Retail Stores, and it is being installed in some of the largest 
and most up-to-date stores in the country. It affords more advantageous 

storage and display of merchandise, increases 

efficiency and saves space. 

Shelving can be selected from the various lengths 
of posts and dimensions of shelves. 

Bar Supports for Shelves 

Made of %x jV-inch steel, specially grooved at 
each end to snugly fit in slots on posts, holding 
them together and affording a support for shelves. 
See detail illustration. Also used for attaching 
bin sides. Special bars are furnished, perforated 
for attaching backs and partitions, in any length 
to suit shelves. All parts being made to standard 
NotThLlidS'^^^^^^^^ measurements, it becomes a simple matter to 

fit snugly against shelves. Fronts CrCCt and add tO 

Wn swet' "' ^^^^ '" ^°''*'°" ^^ your shelving. 

Formed over one-inch rolled angle at front 
and back. Flanged and folded on sides. 
Twenty-gauge steel regularly used for shelves 
up to 36 x30 inches. Larger shelves, or regular 
shelves to meet special conditions, are rein- 
forced on underside with formed members. 
Can be made in any size. 

Standard and stock sizes shown on page 83. Regular 
shelves, 36 inches wide, will sustain a load of 100 pounds 
per square foot. Shelves in 30-inch width and less will 
carry loads of from 200 to 300 pounds per square foot. 

Section of upright, showing bar 
support in position. Shelf corner 
shows notch in flange which keeps 
shelf rigidly in place. 


Showing sway bracing in position 
between front and back posts. Note 
the simple turnbuckle adjustment 
and the manner in which braces 
engage in slots in posts. 


Wire sway bracing is furnished to provide 
rigidity for shelving not fitted with backs and 
partitions. Simple in design and readily applied 
without tools. Note details in the opposite illus- 
tration. The number of braces required varies 
according to size of stack. Ordinarily, however, 
perfect rigidity is secured by crossing two of these 
braces at bottom and top of every alternate set 
of posts. 

To prevent lateral sway, special angle braces are furnished. 
These attach to uprights and shelves, one on each corner 
across top row of shelves ; fastened by screwing to post and 
bolting to shelf. This type of bracing does not interfere 
with storage space on shelves. 


page 82 

HL oxasing of Recox-cis 

^^54^^^ No. 3 Shelving 

Backs and Partitions 

Regularly furnished where desired. Readily applied 
by attaching to bar supports between front and back 
posts, by simple thumb nut fastening. 

Partitions are so designed that they may be used on 
ends, giving shelving a neat and finished appearance. 
Can be furnished for any size stack. Standard and 
stock sizes shown below. 

Method of attaching 
backs and partitions is 
here shown. 

Label Holders 

Another detail which 
makes this Allsteel 
Shelving complete and adaptable to every pur- 
pose, is the simple yet durable label holder here 
shown. It is five inches long, allowing ample 
space for labels, and snaps on the outside flange 
of shelf. No bolts or screws required. 

Label holder and method of attaching. 

List of Parts 

of Stock Sizes for immediate shipment, and Standard Sizes on which we can make quick deliveries 

3 ft. high 

Width Depth 
*24 in. X 12 in. 
*30 in. X 12 in. 

4 ft. high 

Width Depth 
*36 in. X 12 in. 
*24 in, X 18 in. 


5 ft. high 

*6 ft. hi^h 


Width Depth 
*30 in. X 18 in. 
*36 in. X 18 in. 

Width Depth 

24 in. X 24 in. 
*30 in. X 24 in. 

*7 ft. high 

Width Depth 

*36 in. X 24 in. 

24 in. X 30 in. 

*8 ft. high 

Width Depth 
30 in. X 30 in. 
36 in. X 30 in. 

Width Height 
24 in. X 3 ft. 
24 in. X 4 ft. 
24 in. X 5 ft. 

Width Height 
*24 in. X 6 ft. 
*24 in. X 7 ft. 
*24 in. X 8 ft. 


Width Height 
30 in. X 3 ft. 
30 in. X 4 ft. 
30 in. X 5 ft. 

Width Height 
*30 in. X 6 ft. 
*30 in. X 7 ft. 
*30 in. X 8 ft. 

Width Height 
36 in. X 3 ft. 
36 in. X 4 ft. 
36 in. X 5 ft. 

Width Height 

*36 in. X 6 ft. 
*36 in. X 7 ft. 
*36 in. X 8 ft. 


Height Depth 

3 ft. X 12 in. 

4 ft. X 12 in. 

5 ft. X 12 in. 
*6 ft. X 12 in. 

Width Height 
*24 in. X 4 in. 

Height Depth 
*7 ft. X 12 in. 
*8 ft. X 12 in. 

3 ft. X 18 in. 

4 ft. X 18 in. 

Width Height 
24 in. X 6 in. 

Height Depth 
5 ft. X 18 in. 
*6 ft. X 18 in. 
*7 ft. X 18 in. 
*8 ft. X 18 in. 

Height Depth 

3 ft. X 24 in. 

4 ft. X 24 in. 

5 ft. X 24 in. 
*6 ft. X 24 in. 

Bin Fronts and Backs 

Width Height 
*30 in. X 4 in. 

Width Height 

30 in. X 6 in. 

Height Depth 
*7 ft. X 24 in. 
*8 ft. X 24 in. 

3 ft. X 30 in. 

4 ft. X 30 in. 

Width Height 
*36 in. X 4 in. 

Height Depth 

5 ft. X 30 in. 

6 ft. X 30 in. 

7 ft. X 30 in. 

8 ft. X 30 in. 

Width Height 
36 in. X 6 in. 

Height Depth 
*4 in. X 12 in. 
*4 in. X 18 in. 

Height Depth 

*4 in. X 24 in. 

4 in. X 30 in. 

Bin Sides 

Height Depth 
6 in. X 12 in. 

Height Depth 
6 in. X 18 in. 

Height Depth 
6 in. X 24 in. 

Height Depth 

6 in. X 30 in. 

*1tems thus marked are carried in stock for immediate shipment. 
Dimensions of shelves are actual shelf sizes. The clear width Sway bracing carried in stock for all stock sizes of shelving, 
between posts is two inches less and overall depth of the stack is Accessories, such as Foot Castings, Cap Castings and Bar Sup- 
two inches greater than dimensions of shelves. ports for Shelves, are included with posts and shelves. 


page 83 

^^/^f^^^Mi^ Hoxasing o£ Records 

J^^^^ No. 4 Economy Shelving 

Open Shelving 

Two units, or bays, of Economy Shelving are shown 
here joined together. Any number can be set up 
in this way and the whole installation will be rigid 
and strong, whether there are two or a dozen bays. 

The shelves illustrated are set continuously, but 
they may be adjusted on 3-inch centers to different 
heights in any unit. Note that the uprights set 
practically flush with the shelves at every corner, 
saving floor space. 

This is just the shelving for small finished products 
and piece parts in the factory, for the retail store 
or the store room, for general all-around storage 
and particularly heavy storage in any business. 
Roomy, substantial, yet easily adjusted or moved 
about as conditions dictate. 

Once secured, Economy Shelving remains in use 
indefinitely, at no expense for repairs, wear and tear 
or deterioration. It can be made to fit one section of 
a loft or office and then, if necessary, taken down, 
quickly, easily, and erected to fit some other totaUy 
different space, to suit needs. Being made in Allsteel 
standard sizes, it is interchangeable and as elastic 
in every direction as though purchased on special 

The orderly and convenient 
arrangement of stock and sup- 
plies contributes much to pro- 
ductiveness. Allsteel Economy 
Shelving — neat, strong, easy to 
erect and capable of being 
adjusted or rebuilt at another 
place — gets the greatest service 
from and gives the greatest 
capacity to each foot of space 
it covers. 

Economy Shelving is used for the stor- 
age of practically any merchandise 
which must be shelved. It is efficient 
in factory and store, machine shop, 
office, garage, warehouse, stockroom — 
wherever finished products, supplies, 
records and the like require storing. 

Standard size parts for Economy 
Shelving are supplied from stock. 
They can be built together in any size 
to meet individual needs. 

To Test strength and rigidity, two units eight 
feet high were set up on a platform without 
even being bolted to the floor. Bundles of 
steel shapes were piled on until every avail- 
able inch of space was filled. There was no 
swaying in any direction, no sagging or buck- 
ling, and the shelving was not injured in the 


page 84 

1 n 

f Recox-ds 

^J^^!^ No. 4 Economy Shelving 

Closed Shelving and Bins 

By the simple addition of partitions 
and backs, the open type of shelving 
is converted into the handy closed 
shelves and bins illustrated. Parti- 
tions are put on before placing the 
shelves, which fit flush, giving a per- 
fectly smooth, tight joint. 

In Allsteel Economy Shelving there is 
no tendency for the partitions to buckle 
and allow things to drop down behind. 
Extrusions on the partitions and backs 
engage the flange of the shelves, mak- 
ing the compartment extremely rigid. 

Bin fronts, like those on the two lower 
shelves, are standard. Bin backs and 
sides — any height — furnished specially 
to order. 

Closed shelves and bins are the ideal 
equipment for stores, factories and 
store-rooms where small boxes or mer- 
chandise in bulk must be kept con- 
veniently at hand or stored in quan- 
tities. In this way we offer unusual 
advantages to obtain shelving that is 
adaptable to special purposes, inexpen- 
sive, lasting and efHcient. 

Cupboard Sections 

Doors may be fitted on Allsteel Econ- 
omy Shelving at any time and on any 
portion of an installation to give a 
substantial, roomy, unburnable and 
extremely durable cupboard. 

The door hinges are so spaced that they 
coincide with adjustment holes in the 

The doors are flanged on all sides and 
reinforced with diagonal braces for 
strength. Bods, operated by a two- 
way bolt, secure the doors, and locks 
are furnished when ordered. All doors 
are special — designed and built for 
each requirement. The doors here 
shown are merely typical. 

Economy Shelving fitted with doors 
provides a dependable storage space 
for such semi-valuables as stationery 
and supphes in the office, store or 
factory and for dies, templates, master 
scales, precision instruments, drills, 
taps, reamers and the Uke in the shop 


page 85 

tloxasing o£ Record. 

Upright and shelf details 
where sections join. 

^J"^^^ No. 4 Economy Shelving 


Front and back are cold-formed over a heavy angle; sides are 
flanged and folded. The result is a shelf with strength to bear 
up heavy loads. 30" shelves easily sustain loads of 200 to 300 lbs. 
per sq. ft. 36" shelves wifl carry more than 100 lbs. per sq. ft. 
Can be made in any size. 

Backs and Partitions 

Backs and side partitions are furnished from 
stock in heights for the different standard 
uprights and special for any height. Partitions 
punched on 3" centers, backs 12". 
Backs are extruded as shown, on 
3" centers, to engage the flange of 
the shelves and prevent buckhng. 

Partitions, 18" or more in width, 
have a double row of extrusions 
which engage the shelf flanges on 
each side. 


Partition ex- 
trusion with 
shelf in place. 

End Upright and shelf 

These are heavy cold-formed angles 
punched on each face for 3" adjust- 
ments. Standard sizes listed on 
this page; others up to 18 ft. fur- 
nished on order. Shelves are also 
punched each side. A heavy angle 
is welded to bottom of each upright, 
giving wide, substantial bearing. It 
is drilled for fastening to the floor. 

at base. 

Shelf construction. 

List of Parts 

oj stock Sizes for immediate shipment and Standard Sizes on which we can make quick deliveries 

3 ft. high 

4 ft. high 


5 ft. high *6 ft. high 


*7 ft. high 

*8 ft. high 

Width Depth 

*24 in. X 12 in. 
*30 in. X 12 in. 

Width Depth 

*36 in. X 12 in. 
*24 in. X 18 in. 

Width Depth Width Depth 
*30 in. X 18 in. 24 in. x 24 in. 
*36 in. X 18 in. *30 in. x 24 in. 


Width Depth 

*36 in. X 24 in. 

24 in. X 30 in. 

Width Deptli 
30 in. X 30 in. 
36 in. X 30 in. 

Width Height 
24 in. X 3 ft. 
24 in. X 4 ft. 
24 in. X 5 ft. 

Width Height 
*24 in. X 6 ft. 
*24 in. X 7 ft. 
*24 in. X 8 ft. 

Width Height Width Height 
30 in. X 3 ft. *30 in. x 6 ft. 
30 in. X 4 ft. *30 in. x 7 ft. 
30 in. X 5 ft. *30 in. x 8 ft. 


Width Height 
36 in. X 3 ft. 
36 in. X 4 ft. 
36 in. X 5 ft. 

Width Height 
*36 in. X 6 ft. 
*36 in. X 7 ft. 
*36 in. X 8 ft. 

Height Depth 

3 ft. X 12 in. 

4 ft. X 12 in. 

5 ft. X 12 in. 
*6 ft. X 12 in. 

Height Depth 
*7 ft. X 12 in. 
*8 ft. X 12 in. 

3 ft. X 18 in. 

4 ft. X 18 in. 

Height Depth Height Depth 

5 ft. X 18 in. 3 ft. x 24 in. 
*6 ft. x 18 in. 4 ft. x 24 in. 
*7 ft. X 18 in. 5 ft. x 24 in. 
*8 ft. X 18 in. *6 ft. X 24 in. 

Bin Fronts 

Height Depth 
*7ft. x24in. 
*8 ft. X 24 in. 

3 ft. X 30 in. 

4 ft. X 30 in. 

Height Depth 

5 ft. X 30 in. 

6 ft. X 30 in. 

7 ft. X 30 in. 

8 ft. X 30 in. 

Width Height 
*24 in. X 4 in. 

Width Height 
24 in. X 6 in. 

Width Height Width Height 
*30 in. X 4 in. 30 in. x 6 in. 

Width Height 
*36 in. X 4 in. 

Width Height 
36 in. X 6 in. 

*Items thus marked are earrietl in stock for immediate sliipmeiU. 
Other sizes listed furnished promptly. Any size made to order. individual job. Bolts and nuts are included with each order; also 
Dimensions of shelves are the overall size of bay, including screw, or expansion bolts for fastening to floor. Doors on any 
uprights. Where bracing is necessary, it is furnished to suit each standard or special size shelving furnished upon order. 


page 86 

H oxxsing o£ Records 

^J^^^^ Special Shelving 

No. 1 Type 

For the small library equipment, the store, 
the checkroom and office, this type of shelv- 
ing will save space and give great service. 
It is also of very neat and finished appearance. 
Built to order only. 

It consists of solid uprights, beaded front 
and back for strength and punched for 1-inch 
adjustment; shelves in different styles of con- 
struction for various load requirements, from 
light to very heavy ; backs which are quickly 
set in place; top and bottom finishing plates, 
and end panels. 

At a slight extra expense a very handy system 
of "keyhole and pin" adjustment can be 
substituted for the bolt fasteners. 

Such features as special finish, ornamental 
top and base cornices and the like are avail- 
able without great expense. Structural blue- 
prints will be furnished on request. These 
things we are always ready and anxious to 

It is our business to lay out and simplify 
these problems — and to serve you acceptably. 

No. 2 Type 

Another type of special-built Allsteel Shelv- 
ing which is standardized in structural 
details. Used in the store-room and sub- 
basement and for the wholesale warehouse, 
freight depot, etc. 

Solid upright partitions are provided, beaded 
front and back to give strength. Holes are 
punched near each side for 1-inch adjustment 
of shelves, and where shelving is 18 inches or 
more in depth an extra row of holes is pro- 
vided in the center. 

As with the No. 1 Shelving, differently con- 
structed shelves are furnished according to 
the loading planned. Channel sections close 
the bottom tightly, a plain shelf acts as the 
top, and backs, where desired, are provided 
according to the height of each section. 

The adjustment is by bolt and nut, although 
"keyhole and pin" adjustment can be sub- 
stituted at a small additional cost. 

Whatever you have to shelve or store, we will 
be glad to give you the benefit of long experi- 
ence in manufacturing steel shelving. 

Special Allsteel Shelving, Type No, 2, in U. S, Custom House, New York City 

page 87 

I Card Index Cabinets | 

CARD Index Cabinets of this type are generally used on desks or tables 
and the Allsteel Cabinets are built with that in mind. They occupy 
the minimum amount of space — and desk space is valuable and counted 
by inches. A comparison of these with other card index cabinets will demon- 
strate this conclusively. 

Further, to prevent scratching or marring the desk top, these cabinets are 
provided with felt feet, and, in addition, the tops of the case are recessed at 
just the points where these felt-covered disks come in contact so that these 
cases may be stacked several tiers high and yet held firmly in ahgnment. 

The construction of these cabinets, though compact, is extremely durable. The 
cases themselves are folded from but two pieces of steel and the joints electrically 
welded — making them practically one-piece cabinets — no bolts or rivets 
used. The drawers are the same as used in the U-nette and Wydesteel Card 
Index Sections. 

Any of these cabinets may be furnished with individual Yale flat key locks. 

No. 531 — Single Drawer Cabinet for 5x3" Cards 

Case outside 
Drawer inside, clear 

5^^" wide 


' hish 

17" deep 

No. 532 — Two-drawer Cabinet for 5x3" Cards 

Case outside - - liy^^'wide 4||" hifili 17" deep 
Drawer inside, clear - •'>^" " 3^" " l^H" " 

No. 6^1 — Single Drawer Cabinet for 6 x U" Cards 

Case outside - 6^" wide 5j|"high 17" deep 

Drawer inside, clear - 6^" " 4^" '' 1534" 

No. 6^i'2 — Two-drawer Cabinet for 6 x h" Cards 

Case outside - - l.'ifV'wide 5f|"hi'zb 17" deep 
Drawer inside, <:lear - 6^" *' 4 A" " ^^/4" *'r. 

No. 851 — Single Drawer Cabinet for 8x5" Cards 

Case outside - - 8f|"wide 6|i"high 17" deep 
Drawer inside, clear- 8J^" " 5^" " 15" " 

No. 852 — Two-drawer Cabinet for 8 x 5" Cards 
Case outside - - 17" wide 6f|"hitrh 17" deep 

Drawer inside, clear - 8%" " 5i^" " 15" " 


page 88 

^^i^l^^^^ Equipment 

For Large Offices and Vaults 

IN municipal offices or in the offices and vaults of the great corporations, 
papers and records from the immense volume of business transacted 
accumulate in such enormous quantities that all usual styles of filing 
equipment become inadequate to the need. 

Sectional lines do not offer any unit of growth that is practical and economical. 
In spite of resulting delays and other manifest disadvantages, such offices and 
vaults have usually been equipped with cases specially designed and built — 
equipments too large to begin with or too small for rapidly expanding needs, 
inflexible in arrangement and incapable of removal to different locations, even 
under the same roof. 

The Allsteel Line, however, includes a style of sectional cases designed 
especially for the purpose. In construction and appearance, Allsteel 
Document File and Roller Shelf Cases offer every advantage possible to 
specially designed equipment. They may, though, be obtained hke any other 
stock goods, at a moment's notice, and when erected may be at any time 
rearranged, removed or added to, as circumstances may require. 

Nothing more substantial in construction or beautiful in appearance in cases 
of this character is offered or built (even to special order) anywhere today. 

It is because of entire confidence in the real service abifity of these Allsteel 
Cases that we so earnestly proclaim their merits. Years of practical use under 
ordinary and special conditions have given plenty of proof of their value. 
Even under changing conditions and needs they have shown ability to meet the 
requirements and by so doing they have saved time and money for their owners. 
You will do well to consider these points in ordering your equipment. 

N ■ « ■ ■ 

■ aHBHIl 

n a Mil n « 


■ ■■■IWMVS 

. ■ ■ ■ #»S*' 


■ ■■■ 

( ( ( c 

■ ■■■ 


■ ■■H 



• «"■ 



page 89 

Moiasimg o£ Records 

Large Office and Vault Equipment. Document File Cases 

These large document files are 
much used in public and institu- 
tional buildings. They make 
splendid equipment for filing public 
records, for large law offices or 
vaults for legal department. 

They are made in three sizes as 
shown, and are kept in stock in 
Olive Green finish only. They may 
be had in Oak or Mahogany, how- 
ever, on special order. Also fur- 
nished with general lock operating 
on all drawers at once. 

They are made with optional end 
panels — where two or more cases are 
arranged in batteries only one pair 
of panels is required. Compartment 
partitions are solid throughout, 
making dust-proof receptacles of all 
drawers. These partitions are sup- 
ported by vertical steel rods and all 
corners reinforced by angle braces. 

Details of drawer construction and fol- 
lower blocks are identical with those of 
Sectional Lines described on earlier pages. 

No. US DF 
Forty-eight Drawer Document File 

wide high deep 

Case outside -40^(40.25)" 70ti" 143^" 
Drawers net clear, 

inside - - 4^" lOK" 12" 

M M 

( ( 

H^ M m 

f f [ 

m. m m 












H m 


1 1 


( r 

[ [ 


r f 









No. 24 DF 

Twenty-four Drawer 

Document File 

Case outside 

wide high 

201^(20.25)'' 70i|" 
Drawers net clear, inside 

No, 36 DF 
Thirty-six Drawer Document File 

Case outside 





high deep 
103^" 12" 


vide high 

30M(:i0.25)" 70 H'' 
Drawers net clear, inside 

4'H" lOVs" 


No, i^P 
{End Panel) 






The three sizes of Document File Cases 
shown on this page, build in with cases shown 
on following pages. 

Each case in the hne of General Equipment 
has the optional end panel feature, meaning 
that a varied filing equipment can be 
assembled, fastened together and one pair 
of end panels applied to finish the appearance 
of the entire installation. 

This is only another feature of economy and 
complete adaptability found throughout the 
entire hne of Allsteel. 

Built from the user's point of view and to 
meet his every requirement. 


page 90 


floTjLsiinLg o£ Recoi^ds 

Large Office and Vault Equipment. Roller and Plain Shelf Cases 

These cases are indispensable for use wherever there 
are quantities of records in book form to be filed for 
constant or occasional current reference, as in public 
offices, or the auditing, real estate or law departments 
of big businesses. Two styles are here shown — with 
roller curtain, and without. 

Roller Shelves are made with eight horizontal rollers 
(two in front of seamless brass) which take the entire 
weight of books. Plain shelves are made of heavy 
steel and are flanged to give extra strength. 

The case with roller curtain has two compartments 
for the storage of books. The fire-retardant roller 
curtain, which is provided with Yale lock, is also proof 
against water and dust. It divides in the middle, the 
two parts counter-balancing, so the curtain will remain 
at rest at any point. Finishing end panels same as 
those used on Document Files and cases shown below, 
except deeper, to fit case, are furnished. 

All cases shown on this and previous page can be arranged in 
battery form. Illustration on page 89 shows a typical grouping 
such as many large offices might require for the safe and eco- 
nomical housing of business records. Note in battery only one 
pair of panels (No. 11 P) are required to finish exposed ends. 
AH cases are securely bolted together, making the entire installa- 
tion rigid. 

No, 32 RSC 

Roller Curtain Case 

Equipped with 32 Roller Shelves 


Case outside - - _ 
Net shelf room with 
shelves equidistant 

16 RS 



No. 32 RS {Two-comparimeni 

Case outside - - _ 
Net shelf room with 
shelves equidistant, 
each compartment 


40M (40.75) '- 

No. ^8 RS (Three- 

Case outside - - - _ 
Net shelf room with 
shelves equidistant, 
each compartment - 


Case outside - - - 
Inside clear, without 
shelves - - - _ 



60M (60.75)'' 




20M (20.75)" 


70 H" 



70 M" 


70 if" 











70 H" 




No. f // P (End Panel) 

Overall dimensions 



» i 16 

Roller Shelves (No. 20 RS) or Plain Shelves (No. 20 PS) 
can be used in any of these cases, including the No. 32 RSC 
Roller Shelf %" high— Plain Shelf H" high. 


No. 20 S 
Storage Section 
Equipped with four plain 

Case outside - - - 
Net shelf room with 
shelves equidistant, 
each compartment 


Overall dimensions - 

32 RSC 




18P (End Panel) 

- ^(.88)" 

2M" 13M" 



No. 16 RS 
Roller Shelf Case 


page 91 

[General Index| 





,SB ci-n 

Adjustable Roller Shelves - - 26 -15 62 - - 79 

Adjustable Shelves - - - 62 - - 79 

Allsteel Construction ---- -- -- -- -- 12 

Allsteel Safes - - - - - - - - 72 

Automatic Lock ------ -- -- 61 - - - - 


Bases 30 51 63 - - - - 

Baskets, Waste ------ -- -- -- -- 32 

P>ill Files 11 58 -- 61 

Bond Boxes ---------- -- -- -- 31 

Book Cases 27 16 - - - - - - 

Bus— Wydesteel - 52 - - - - - - 


L D ?f D o 

Large Office and Vault Equip- 
ment ---------- 

Ledger Sheet Section - - - - 

Legal Blank Files ----- ziy 

Legs — Units, Sanitary - - - - - 

l^etter Files -------- 21 

Letter Files, Economy - - - - - 

Letter Files, The No. 100 Line - - 

Letter Files, The No. 200 Line - - 

Letter Trays -------- -- ~- -- 

Lock, Automatic ------ -- - - 61 

Locker Sections ------ 27 47 ~ - 

^^ 3? 






67 61 

21 40 

22 42 


Cap Files -------- 

Cap Files, Economy Line - 
Cap Files, The No. 100 Line 
Cap Files, The No. 200 Line 
Card Index Sections - - - 
Cases, Note -------- ~- • - - - - - 

Cash Drawer Section ---- 29 -- -- -- 

(>aster Trucks ------- -- 52 -- -- 

Check Files 23 41 60 -- 

Construction Features - - - 17 37 64 66 
Construction Features, The 

No. 100 Safe - - - - - - - 

Construction Features, Under- 
writers' Safe ------- -- -- -- ~- 

Contract Department ---- -- -- -- - - 

Corner Sections ------ -- -- -- 71 

Correspondence Unit ---- -- -- 57 -- 

Counter Height Sections, 

Catalog Division ----- -- -- -- 66 

Cupboard Sections ----- - - 49 62 69 

Currency Compartment Sect's 29 - - - - - - 

Customers' Boxes ----- -- 50 -- -- 


Daily Insurance Report Files - - 40 

Document Files 24 44 

Drawers, Storage ------ 28 48 


67 61 


Map and Plan Drawer Section 
Map Case --------- 






Note Cases -------- -- -- -- -- 31 


Open Storage Section - - - - -- 17 62 69 91 




Reducing Top ------- 30 51 - - - - - - 

Roller Base -------- - - - - 63 - - - - 

Roller Book Shelves 26 45 62 - - 79 

Roller Shelf Sections 26 45 - - - - 91 

Roll Top Desk - - - - - - - - - - 33 

■ - 90 

Economy Desk ------ 

Economy File ------ 

Economy Shelving - - - - 

Equipment for Large Offices 
and Vaults ------ 

Extension Shelf Section - - 




23 43 

Filing Supplies ------- -- -- -- 

Filler Top --------- -- -- -- 

Finishes, Standard ----- -- -- -- 

Flat Top Desks - - - - - 

Follower Block - - - - - 64 


Safe Interiors ------- -- -- -- -- 79 

Safes, Allsteel, Catalog Div. - - > - - - - - 72 

Sanitary Leg Units ----- - - - - 63 - - - - 

Scoopfile Sections __ = -- 27 -- -- -- -- 

Shelving, No. 3, Adjustable - - - - - - - - - 80 

Shelving, No. 4, Economy - - - - - - - - - - 81 

Shelving, Special ------ -- -- -- -- 87 

Sliding Shelf Sections 23 13 - - - - - - 

Specially Built Equipment - - - - - - - - - - 14 

Standard Finishes ----- -- -- -- -- 16 

Storage Drawer Sections - - 28 48 - - - - - - 

Suspenion --------- -- 41 61 - - - - 

Tables, Office - - - - - - - 36 

Tabulating Unit ------ - - - - 58 - - - - 

Tariffs, Railroad, Files for - - - - 10 - - - - - - 

Tops 30 51 -- -- -- 

Tops. Reducing ------ 30 51 -- -- -- 

Transfer Cases ------- -- -- -- -- 61 

Trays, Letter ------- - - - - - - - - 32 

Truck, Caster ------- - - 52 - - - - - - 


U-nettes, Catalog Division 
Underwriters' Model Safe - 
Uprights, Catalog Division 

Gate, Counter Height ---- -- -- -- 70 -- 


Hardware, Standard ---- -- -- -- -- 13 



Insurance Report File - - 
Intermembering of Units 


Vault Equipment ------ -- -- -- -- 

Vertical Files ------- 21 40 53 67 


Waste Basket ------- -- -- -- -- 32 

Wydesteel Bus - - - - - 52 - - - - - - 

Wydesteels, Catalog Division -~ 37 -- -- -- 

Form F-350 

page 92 



,^t.*'^ -s: 



^r ..^^ 





■^A^ ' 












■ V^S